30 Jul

Weakday Warrior Beer Review

Indie Ale House I am usually not much of one for low alcohol beers – in fact, I usually feel like they are somehow a rip-off, as if I am not getting the full bang for my buck if it is any less than 5%. How glad am I that I allowed that concept to be challenged!

I first tried Weakday Warrior by happen-stance and immediately fell in love. I have been back to Indie on multiple occasions simply to drink this beer – not to say that I don’t enjoy others or the typically fantastic food – but this beer has been my main draw to the establishment since it’s arrival. Pungent, tropical, and hoppy this Warrior is ready to battle the summer heat!

Weakday Warrior

Brewery: Indie Alehouse & Nickel Brook Collaboration
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 3.5%        IBU: <60

5 out of 5 cats



Pale straw gold in colour this unfiltered session IPA has a thin white head with some nice retention and lacing.


The aroma of this beer is full of pungent tropical fruits including grapefruit, mango, and papaya. There are also hints of some green apple tartness and lemon rind.

First Sip

Light and resiny, the flavour follows the scent with impressive tropical fruits notes and hop bitterness. Incredibly drinkable, it is slightly astringent with a dry, airy flavour and and a long finish that is full of grapefruit and hop. The flavour of this IPA is truly delectable – especially when one takes into consideration the low 3.5% alcohol – and the combination makes this the perfect sessionable patio beer.


Light in body with medium carbonation, this beer is a bit thin and very refreshing. A long finish coats the palette with tropical notes and a fair amount of dry bitterness.


This is easily my favourite beer at the moment and the fact that it was brewed at Nickel Brook and not at Indie Alehouse – and is thus unavailable for Growler Club members to take home – is the only thing that has prevented me from drinking entirely unhealthy amounts of this delicious nectar. This is the first perfect score I have awarded and I take that very seriously. Obviously these scores are always going to be somewhat subjective but I cannot find anything wrong with this brew: The aroma and flavour are absolutely spot on for an IPA and the light alcohol levels means I can drink my hearts content (almost) of the stuff without getting drunk. Coming from someone who previously considered a double black IPA (Malevolent, another Nickel Brook creation) her favourite brew in the world, that should mean something.

I have no idea how long this stuff will be around for but I dearly hope it will be a regular feature at Indie Alehouse at least. There may be a trip out to Nickel Brook in my future if I can stock up on the stuff in their retail store. If you have given it a try, let me know what you think. If you haven’t – get on over to Indie (or Thirsty & Miserable who may still have it on tap) and give it a try than come on back and let me know what you think.

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