09 Feb

Vicar’s Vice Beer Review

Vicars Vice_Amsterdam

Strong, rich, and delicious, this is an ale made for sharing.

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewery Co.
Style: Old Ale
ABV:   8.1%        IBU: 30


This very limited beer is a traditional strong ale brewed with all English ingredients; fit for the Vicar himself.

Vicar’s Vice

4 and a halfcat


This old ale pours a deep burgundy colour with a light tan head. The head has little retention and dissipates quickly to a thin ring of bubbles.


Vicar’s Vice has a fabulous aroma of caramel and chocolate upfront with hints of oak, tobacco, and hazelnut. Some brown sugar and biscuit aroma break through, bringing some sweet orchard fruit with them.


The complex aroma of this old ale is dominated by dried fruits like dates and apricots with a strong sweet malt backbone. Hints of toffee and roasted nuts are layered with lovely vanilla and caramel notes with a touch of molasses and a subtle bitterness. Improving as it warms, Vicar’s Vice is just a bit sweet with some heat and spice.


With a medium mouthfeel and low carbonation, this ale is a bit thinner than one might expect from the style and the colour. Well-balanced and not overly heavy, its a bit dry with a nice bite.

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