16 Mar

Twin Pines Beer Review

Twin Pines DIPA_Sawdust City

Mike insisted on being in the picture with this tasty new brew

Brewery: Sawdust City
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.8%        IBU: 88

A couple of weeks ago I (re)stumbled upon the Sawdust City blog on blogspot and was excited to read all about their Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Tour and, more specifically, the new brews that they were launching following it.

While there were several interesting collaborations to come out of it, I was most intrigued by their announcement of their 88th beer, the long planned Twin Pines IIPA. Knowing it would not be available immediately, I had almost completely forgotten about it when I went into Indie Alehouse last week for a growler fill. Much to my surprise, they were pouring Twin Pines and I quickly made plans to investigate further the following day.

The next day we stopped by for a drink before dinner and greatly enjoyed our 10 oz of golden deliciousness. Not quite what I was expecting, it was nonetheless well worth the special trip.


5 out of 5 cats

A massively hopped double IPA, this 8.8% ale is loaded with tropical hop aromas and flavours. We’ve been waiting to brew this one for a while (we had to wait until our 88th brew to do it) and we are super stoked at the results.

Sawdust City on Blogspot


Golden orange in colour, this imperial IPA pours cloudy with a thick head of white bubbles. Dissipating slowly, it leaves a thick covering atop the beer and some nice lacing down the inside of the glass as you drink.


Dominated by bright citrus fruits like grapefruit and tangerine, the aroma that comes off of Twin Pines is, well, not at all what I expected. With a name like Twin Pines (and beers like Lone Pine and bevy brew Just the tIPA to draw from) I was left expecting a more resinous, piney aroma. Despite my surprise, the juicy fruit aroma was quite pleasant and inviting with a touch of vanilla and just a hint of the more resiny hops lurking within.


Unlike the aroma, the flavour of this beer is almost exactly what I expected. Huge pine notes dominate with the tropical citrus taking a back seat. The high ABV is somewhat dangerously hidden by the powerful hop presence while the high IBU gives it a prickly bitterness that lasts after sipping. Hints of vanilla and stone fruits come through in the flavour as well and the mix of hop profiles gives it a lovely balance.  Some floral and spice notes add a nice complexity to the brew without sweetening it.


Twin Pines has a medium body with average to above average carbonation. Somewhat prickly, it finishes quite dry with a soft, lingering pine presence and just enough bitterness.

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