12 Mar

Training Wheels Beer Review

training wheels_indie alehouse

Enjoying this strong beer with a candlelit, homemade meal

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Strong Coffee Ale
ABV: 9%        IBU: N/A

With the warmer weather finally coming to Toronto, I have been taking the opportunity to make good use of our Indie Alehouse Growler Club. Popping in for a fill earlier this week, I was sorely tempted by this new ale but unconvinced that an entire growler of it was really a solid plan. Luckily Indie has gotten their new bottling system working and had some handy 500mL bottles available.

Thanks to Untappd, we have gotten into a habit of saving new beers for Thursdays (gotta get those badges!) so we cracked Training Wheels open tonight with our homemade Pav Bhaji, an Indian dish featuring mashed cauliflower, potato, and carrots with a healthy dose of rich spices.


4 out of 5 cats


Training Wheels pours a dark brown with red highlights. A thin head of foam dissipates quickly to a small ring and light patches of bubbles. This strong ale leaves some light lacing behind as you drink which recedes slowly.


A definite booziness is present beneath the strong Belgian yeast esters and roasted coffee aromas. Some vanilla and a touch of chocolate malts add some creaminess while thin raisin notes bring out an almost wine-like character in this strong coffee ale.


The initial flavour of training wheels is dominated by Belgian yeast and a strong roasted coffee profile. Lingering bitter coffee malts remain on the tongue, bringing with them notes of vanilla and some more raisin which build as the beer warms. A pleasant warm spiciness and definite boozy presence give this beer a very “grown-up” feel reminiscent of a good bourbon or port; complex, warm, and rich.


Bubbly and effervescent, this strong ale is somewhat prickly on the tongue with a touch of lasting spice and a bitter, lingering coffee body.

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