06 Dec

Winter Warmer | 24 Days of Beer #6

Day 6_ Junction Craft_Winter Warmer

The dark head of this Winter Warmer betrays its spicy character


Brewery: Junction Craft Brewing
Style: Winter Warmer
ABV: 5.5%      IBU: 40

This gorgeous winter beer pours pitch black with a thick tan head which boasts good retention and nice lacing. A strong malty character dominates the aroma and is complemented by bread and caramel notes. Leafy hops also make their presence known but there is a surprising lack of evidence of spice for the style.

That lack of spice in the aroma is more than made up for with the spice bomb that hits your taste buds at first sip. Mellowing to a rich, caramel malt, Winter Warmer quickly demonstrates how it got its name. Caramel, bread, carib, and coffee notes shine through the heavy malt character and the strong spice flavour carries throughout. The lingering aftertaste is also dominated by spice with a strong malt presence and notes of carib. The body of this beer is thick and velvety smooth with plenty of carbonation resulting in an almost prickly brew.

A great beer for long, cold, winter nights, this is one I will be sure to come back to, again and again.

4 and a halfcat

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