16 Mar

Twin Pines Beer Review

Twin Pines DIPA_Sawdust City

Mike insisted on being in the picture with this tasty new brew

Brewery: Sawdust City
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.8%        IBU: 88

A couple of weeks ago I (re)stumbled upon the Sawdust City blog on blogspot and was excited to read all about their Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Tour and, more specifically, the new brews that they were launching following it.

While there were several interesting collaborations to come out of it, I was most intrigued by their announcement of their 88th beer, the long planned Twin Pines IIPA. Knowing it would not be available immediately, I had almost completely forgotten about it when I went into Indie Alehouse last week for a growler fill. Much to my surprise, they were pouring Twin Pines and I quickly made plans to investigate further the following day.

The next day we stopped by for a drink before dinner and greatly enjoyed our 10 oz of golden deliciousness. Not quite what I was expecting, it was nonetheless well worth the special trip.

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09 Dec

Red Rocket Stout | 24 Days of Beer: Day 9

Day 9 - Red Rocket Stout - Sawdust City

Don’t let the calm black body fool you, Red Rocket is full of fire


Brewery: Sawdust City Brewing Co.
Style: American Stout
ABV: 5.2%      IBU: 35

This fantastic stout pours a pitch black with a thin head of tan foam. The head has some retention, dissipating to a thin ring as you drink. The aroma is dominated by coffee roasts and light caramel malts with a somewhat creamy note. Hints of burnt toast and a touch of cinnamon round out the scent.

Surprisingly mild for about half a second, Red Rocket Spiced Coffee Stout immediately reminds you that it is a spiced beer. Strong cayenne and cinnamon flavours explode, dominating the flavour throughout. A touch of vanilla and cream round it out and accentuate the creamy chocolate malt backbone. A very solid stout with great character, this is a real treat for spice lovers. A medium body prevents it from becoming too heavy while a prickly spice aftertaste persists long after each sip.

4 and a halfcat

Mike says:

Spice is nice!

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03 Nov

Bevy 0010: Pumpkins + Porters Review

The Drunk Kitten with Rock Lobster

The Drunk Kitten costume_smallWhen I figured out that October’s Bevy would be on Halloween night itself, I was more than a little excited. I also knew exactly what my costume would be, I just had to find it. Luckily I stumbled upon a blog.to article about costume shops in Toronto and it led me to Theatrix Costume House. When we found the store early last month, I had only a very vague idea of what I wanted but I showed the staff my business card and they quickly found me several potential options. The beer mug purse (yes, that’s a purse and it might be the best thing ever) was more of a challenge: I knew I needed some kind of over-sized beer to carry around or I would just be another cat but I was having no luck finding the right prop. I had just about given up when I turned a corner and saw this magnificent creation. I might just have to use it for all future beer events as it simply amuses me far too much.

As with every event before it, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies‘ Bevy 0010 was tons of fun with great ladies (and men for a change), beautiful artwork, good tunes, and – most importantly – a wide selection of tasty brews. And for the second month in a row we were treated to a one-of-a-kind, one-time creation that was so good it made me sad from the first sip that I would not have another chance to find it. To read all about this spicy and rich, never-to-be-seen-again porter, and the slightly more accessible alternative offerings, read on below!

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25 Jun

The Princess Wears Girlpants Beer Review

SawdustCity-ThePrincessWearsGirlpantsOne of the newest creations from the ever-brilliant Sawdust City Brewing, the Princess Wears Girlpants is an easy-drinking, dry-hopped Belgian ale featuring the juiciest varieties of New Zealand hops including Motueka, Galaxy, Summit, and Nelson Sauvin. It is made with Belgian yeast for that familiar scent and flavour and uses both 2-Row Malts and Wheat Malts.

This is one brew that I may have to try to hunt down for a second try before I decide how much I really like it. The bottle I tried was the most apple-y beer I have ever had at first sip and I am unconvinced that it was supposed to taste quite that much like a Granny Smith Apple. With that said, the flavour softened the more I drank and I could see it being used for some novel – and potentially kickass – beer cocktails.

Have you tried the Princess Wears Girlpants? What did you think, did it taste just like an apple or should I give it another shot?

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