13 Sep

19 Original Colonies Mead Review

Rogue Farms-19 Original Colonies Mead An interesting alternative to the bitter and funky beers of this past summer – a season dominated by session IPAs and saisons – this unexpected brew is surprisingly drinkable and refreshing for a mead.

Made of only 5 ingredients – Rogue Hopyard Honey, Wild Flower Honey, Jasmin Silver Tip Green Tea Leaves, Champagne Yeast, and Free Range Coastal Water – this beer features 100% Rogue-grown honey from their very own 19 bee colonies. The bees live right next to 40 acres of Rogue hops, giving the beer a hint of hoppy flavours winking through the intense honey.

Rogue is one of my favourite out-of-province breweries and they are well-known for coming up with fascinating concoctions that combine a variety of unique flavours. Not long ago I insisted on buying a bright pink bottle of their  Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Ale only to end up drinking the entire thing myself when my husband refused. It was odd but interesting and I have since been on the lookout for their more unique creations. 19 Original Colonies Mead fit that bill perfectly and I found it almost as interesting as the Voodoo Dooughnut. I did share this one with my husband, thankfully, as I am not quite sure I would have been as enthusiastic about it by the end of an entire bottle to myself.

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