14 Dec

Paranormal | 24 Days of Beer: Day 14

Day 14 - Paranormal - Flying Monkeys

Colourful and fun, Paranormal certainly stands out from the competition


Brewery: Flying Monkeys Brewery
Style: Pumpkin / Yam Beer
ABV: 10.5%

This hazy, medium orangey red beer pours with a thick, off-white head of lasting foam. With a thin ring of bubbles and a light foam on the beer, it leaves some nice lacing down the glass as you drink. The aroma is a tad spicy with strong scents of orchard fruits, apple and pumpkin in particular with a touch of pear. Definite booziness and just a hint of vanilla rounds it out.

The flavour of Paranormal is a bit more boozey with sweet cinnamon notes and more subdued pumpkin flavours than I expected. A slightly sour, tart flavour combines with a sweet and spicy undertaste for a not altogether pleasant affect. The spice accumulates as you drink, bringing out a ginger and nutmeg aftertaste that becomes increasingly pleasant over the course of the beer. Warming nicely, this is one that you should definitely take your time drinking (especially if you are doing the entire bottle on your own like I am.)

Overall not a bad beer but certainly not my favourite pumpkin beer of the year. They are still around if you’d like to try it but my suggestion would be to hold out for a Chocolate Manifesto instead. Those are seriously tasty.

3 and a halfcat

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08 Nov

Pumpkin Abbey Beer Review

Indie Alehouse - Black Pumpkin AbbeyMy husband is not a fan of pumpkin beer. This means I am a bit picky about which large bottles I buy for myself as, well, it can be a lot to drink on my own, especially if I don’t like it very much. Since Indie Alehouse is pretty reliable, I decided to take the risk and bought myself a bottle of their Pumpkin Abbey to enjoy over Halloween afternoon as I got into the spirit of the day. Since it is a strong beer, I was careful to drink it slowly, savouring the flavour and letting it warm. This turned out to be a good thing for two reasons: 1) the flavour did improve as it warmed, bringing forth stronger spice notes and 2) I ended up having a very late dinner as my pizza did not arrive until after I had to leave. Serves me right for ordering a pizza at dinner time on Halloween I suppose.

The beer itself is quite lovely and set the stage nicely for the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies‘ Pumpkins + Porters Halloween Bash. (It was slightly overshadowed by the truly excellent Pumpkin Spice Porter that Sawdust City’s Aaron Spinney brewed up for us but that can’t be helped as the porter was pretty much perfect.) Black Pumpkin Abbey, however, is gets the nod as my favourite pumpkin beer of the season by virtue of actually be available for purchase: If you are going to try one pumpkin beer this year, Black Pumpkin Abbey is the one I would recommend.
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