17 Dec

Oast House Saison | 24 Days of Beer #17

Day 17 - Farmhouse Ale Saison - Niagara Oast House

A lovely cloudy yellow, Oast House Saison makes me think of summer despite the cold


Brewery: Niagara Oast House Brewers
Style: Saison
ABV: 7%      IBU: N/A

This saison pours a cloudy golden yellow with a medium white head of foam. The head dissipates to a thin covering and a thicker ring of bubbles around the edge that leaves some light lacing down the glass as you drink. Strong pineapple and tangerine notes dominate the aroma and are supported by a light malt backbone with hints of funky yeast.

The flavour of this Oast House Saison begins with soft pineapple before growing into a strong citrus hop body with some tart sourness. A bit if light spice and some lemon notes compliment the juicy citrus and just a touch of grassiness rounds out the flavour quite well.

Effervescent and almost aggressively bubbly, this saison has a very different mouthfeel than many others, almost closer to a similarly citrusy IPA than most of the other saisons I have had recently. Despite the high ABV, Oast House Saison does not taste at all boozy thanks to the strong competing flavours. A novel saison, I quite liked this one and will be keeping my eyes open for other offerings from this brewery.

4 out of 5 cats

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