13 Apr

Winey Bastard Beer Review

Winey Bastard is a fantastic strong beer for wine lovers

Winey Bastard is a fantastic strong beer for wine lovers

Brewery:  Nickel Brook Brewing
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.5%       IBU: 70

Initially I was unsure of this particular imperial stout: The Pinot Noir barrels promised a rather different finish than the Kentucky Bastard’s beautiful bourbon aromas and flavours but the idea intrigued me.

While I do enjoy my occasional glass of red wine, my relationship with the stuff if not always a good one and I tend to reach for a beer over a wine most days. That said, I really like the basis for both of these barrel-aged brews, Nickel Brook’s Bolshevik Bastard, and so I figured it would be worth the experiment to find out just how different the two brews really are. Good thing as this tart imperial stout is highly delicious!

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20 Dec

Kentucky Bastard | 24 Days of Beer #20

Day 20 - Kentucky Bastard - Nickel Brook

Rich and dark, Kentucky Bastard is begging to be enjoyed… slowly.


Brewery: Nickel Brook Brewing
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%        IBU: 70

Kentucky Bastard pours black with a boozy bourbon aroma and finger of dark tan head. The bubbles dissipates to a ring around the edges with light lacing. Hints of caramel, coffee, and butterscotch temper the strong bourbon character releasing a touch of vanilla and roasty malts. The ring of head dissipates slowly throughout drinking, leaving a thin circle.

This imperial stout opens with soft caramel and vanilla before kicking your tastebud’s asses with a powerful, boozy, bourbon bite. Hints of coffee and carib come through, bringing coffee and vanilla notes. The body is tick and smooth with significant carbonation. Kentucky Bastard doesn’t fade away quietly either with a significant vanilla and bourbon lasting aftertaste.

5 out of 5 cats

Mike says:

Kentucky Bastard is ultra-full-flavoured!

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03 Nov

Bevy 0010: Pumpkins + Porters Review

The Drunk Kitten with Rock Lobster

The Drunk Kitten costume_smallWhen I figured out that October’s Bevy would be on Halloween night itself, I was more than a little excited. I also knew exactly what my costume would be, I just had to find it. Luckily I stumbled upon a blog.to article about costume shops in Toronto and it led me to Theatrix Costume House. When we found the store early last month, I had only a very vague idea of what I wanted but I showed the staff my business card and they quickly found me several potential options. The beer mug purse (yes, that’s a purse and it might be the best thing ever) was more of a challenge: I knew I needed some kind of over-sized beer to carry around or I would just be another cat but I was having no luck finding the right prop. I had just about given up when I turned a corner and saw this magnificent creation. I might just have to use it for all future beer events as it simply amuses me far too much.

As with every event before it, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies‘ Bevy 0010 was tons of fun with great ladies (and men for a change), beautiful artwork, good tunes, and – most importantly – a wide selection of tasty brews. And for the second month in a row we were treated to a one-of-a-kind, one-time creation that was so good it made me sad from the first sip that I would not have another chance to find it. To read all about this spicy and rich, never-to-be-seen-again porter, and the slightly more accessible alternative offerings, read on below!

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30 Jul

Weakday Warrior Beer Review

Indie Ale House I am usually not much of one for low alcohol beers – in fact, I usually feel like they are somehow a rip-off, as if I am not getting the full bang for my buck if it is any less than 5%. How glad am I that I allowed that concept to be challenged!

I first tried Weakday Warrior by happen-stance and immediately fell in love. I have been back to Indie on multiple occasions simply to drink this beer – not to say that I don’t enjoy others or the typically fantastic food – but this beer has been my main draw to the establishment since it’s arrival. Pungent, tropical, and hoppy this Warrior is ready to battle the summer heat!

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19 Jul

Coffee Pale Ale Beer Review

Nickel Brook LogoUnfortunately we did not actually make it to the Junction Brewery on Wednesday as once you get settled in at 3030 it is easy to simply stay. Fortunately I did try some delicious and interesting new beers. The first one was both of these, the second mostly just interesting so I thought it would be good to share my thoughts on the bizarre brew.

The first few sips didn’t bother me overtly but I didn’t really enjoy them either. The more I drank of the beer, though, the slower I got until the final third which I practically chugged because it was time to go. Something about the combination of coffee flavours and an otherwise fairly standard pale ale just did not suit my taste buds and I found the closest analogy I could make was an overly creamy, too sweet iced coffee. Not that it taste specifically sweet but that it had that watered down coffee flavour of an iced coffee that has been left to melt for just too long.

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12 Jul

Craft Beer Passport: Kensington Market

craft beer passport_5 Having so thoroughly enjoyed my first three stops on the Craft Beer Passport, I was really looking forward to crossing another couple of bars off of my list Tuesday night. We had made plans with my dad after buying him a passport of his own for Father’s Day and we were finally getting out to make good on our promise to visit some of the establishments together.

But on Tuesday morning I was worried: the weather network was promising rain all day and all evening with high risk of thunderstorms and powerful winds. As the rain poured down hard enough that I could barely see out the window, our plan of knocking off two bars with a stop for dinner in between seemed ill-suited to the day.

By late afternoon, however, the powers that be had decided to smile on our plan and the weather turned to our favour as the skies cleared for a lovely sunny couple of hours before dinner. Relieved, I set out to meet the others at our first stop: Thirsty & Miserable. The rain did make another short appearance as we strolled over to Margarita’s for dinner but it was a lovely summer evening and we didn’t mind it all that much. I, for one, was quite mollified by the unexpected treat of finding one of my favourite beers at our first stop.

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10 Jul

Craft Beer Passport: The Bar With No Name

craft beer passport_3rdWith the cast off and summer in Toronto heating up quickly, I have been picking up steam on my passport. Last Monday, taking advantage of the holiday to have an extra long weekend, we decided it was long past time to check out the nearby, geek-friendly Bar With No Name that we had walked past many times but never entered.  

Greeted with a unique atmosphere and friendly staff, we were happy to see the beer selection was not only quite good but also incredibly affordable: Mondays at the Bar With No Name means $10 pitchers of anything on tap! And with their selection, that is a pretty impressive deal. 

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21 Jun

Craft Beer Passport: Second Stop

second stop-3030Having gotten started on my beer tour of the city last week, I was determined to keep going cast or no. Luckily we live very close to 3030 so my (amazing) husband was able to drive me there and then drop the car back at home.

As only my second trip to this bourbon and craft beer bar in the Junction, I was impressed once again not only by the beer selection but also by the delicious small share plates, most of which are only $5. Among my favourites: Blue cheese mac n’cheese & popcorn chicken. (The doubles also look fantastic for the vegetarians/vegans out there!)

To read about the delicious beer I tried on this stop, keep reading!

Have you tried any interesting brews yet on your craft beer passport? Tell me all about them in the comments – I’d love to add some interesting new beers to my wishlist!  

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