26 Feb

Bounty Hunter Beer Review

bounty hunter_bellwoods

Oddly summery for an imperial porter, Bounty Hunter is as delicious as it is dark

Brewery: Bellwoods Brewery
Style: Strong Porter
ABV: 10.3%        IBU: N/A


“AKA “The Cocopo”: This strong porter received a healthy dose of raw coconut and vanilla during fermentation. The result is a maelstrom of bitter chocolate, dark malt flavours, with a subtle coconut/vanilla underbelly.”




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15 Dec

Farmageddon | 24 Days of Beer: Day 15

Day 15 - Farmaggedon - Bellwoods

A pale, hazy gold, Farmaggedon saison reminds me of a frosty winter morning


Brewery: Bellwoods Brewery
Style: Saison
ABV: 7.2%      IBU: 41

Farmageddon pours a hazy golden straw yellow with medium head that dissipates quickly to leave a thin foam covering a small ring of bubbles. Leaving decent lacing down the glass as you drink, this saison features intense citrusy mango, peach, and pineapple notes with a strong touch of lemon. The brett character is noticeable but subtle and there is a touch of funky yeast notes.

Dominated by a strong sour citrus opening, this vibrant and effervescent brew has good subtle bread notes with a touch of hay and spice. A medium body and strong carbonation round it out and it is smooth and somewhat creamy despite a mild astringency. An odd, almost cider-like beer, it too me awhile to decide if I liked this one but it certainly grew on me the more I had.

4 out of 5 cats

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