30 Jul

The Toronto Festival of Beer – Beer Review

Canuck_Pale_Ale_GLBDate: Saturday, July 26. 2014
Location: Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place
Time: 1:30-8:00 PM

Every year in Toronto, the Beer Store takes over Bandshell Park for an entire weekend at the end of July for their Festival of Beer and fills the area with a very large number of beer tents, pop-up restaurants, and vendors.From jerky and cigars to junk food and dinner, they have got all your needs covered so you can just relax and enjoy the myriad selection of beer.

Flying Monkeys in particular has had a substantial spread of widely different brews; in fact it was the most impressive number of taps I saw all day by easily double. If I had greater tolerance for beer I would have tried them all but there were plenty of other breweries with tasty treats to try. I’d meant to pick up a shirt but somehow plans become very fluid after a good quantity of beer and I never got around to it. I did snag some stickers and a whole mess of coasters throughout the day and stopped in to see Left Field early enough to remember to buy a comfy tank tap.

While I was disappointed that the first Left Field beer I tried – Resin Bag IPA, which turned me on the the brewery – was not available, I did go back multiple times and ended up trying all three of their offerings. This is a brewery to watch: I expect good things to come. If you can get your hands on the Resin Bag you should definitely give it a try but don’t hesitate to give the others a chance as well!

Below you will find a list of the beers I tried, some information about them, and my ranking. Over the next few weeks I will be going into more detail about as many of them as I can get my hands on again and will link to the full reviews from here as I go.

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