01 Dec

Monster Mash | 24 Days o’Beer: Day 1

Day 1_MonsterMash_BarnDoorBrewing

Saying goodbye to the beers of fall, we prepare for the winter

Brewery: Barn Door Beverage Co.
Style: Dopplebock
ABV: 7.5%        IBU: 22

This deep ruby strong beer pours with a creamy, thin head that dissipates quickly to a thin ring of tan head and leave minimal lacing. The boozy aroma features strong notes of raison and caramel malts with hints of sweet fruit and molasses.

A toasty and smoky malt character dominates the flavour with sticky honey and raison also present. Hints of brandy and molasses round out the complex flavour and are well complemented by the full, creamy body and low carbonation.

4 out of 5 cats

Mike says:

 Certainly nicer as it warm up

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