08 Jun

Recidivist Beer Review


This highly unique barleywine was a special treat

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing
Style: Barley Wine
ABV: 10       IBU: N/A

Having seen this barleywine listed for several weeks on the beer menu at the Brewhouse, my husband was quite disappointed to suddenly find that it had sold out in less than a week between his visits. Taking to Twitter to express his disappointment, he was informed that there were a few bottles left, and promised that they would let him know when it was back in stock.

Well, we got the good news last week: not only was it back (in limited supply) but Heather had put aside a special bottle just for us to take home. Thank you, Heather! This delicious, honeyed barleywine was a very special treat I am glad I got the chance to try.


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01 May

Leaf Hop Saison Beer Review

Leaf Hop Saison_Amsterdam Brewery

Leaf Hop Saison is a recent addition to the Amsterdam lineup

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing 
Style: Saison
ABV: 6%        IBU: N/A

Not your typical saison, this new addition to the Adventure Brew lineup is a great brew with which to welcome the Spring.

Nicely balanced between funky farmhouse flavours and resinous hops, Leaf Hop Saison is brewed with Opal leaf hops and then dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin.

A limited run, this beer is worth checking out while you can! I know I will be enjoying it a bunch more over the next few weeks thanks to the Brewhouse’s close proximity to Mike’s work.

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26 Mar

Spring Bock Beer Review

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass, because reasons

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 7.3%        IBU: 30

Another highly anticipated seasonal brew, this dopplebock from Amsterdam Brewing is going to be released in the LCBO for the first time this year. Already a fan favourite, it is sure to be a big success.

I actually tracked this one down at my favourite local drinking spot, 3030, last night and decided I had to give it a try. It may not have been the best pairing for the otherwise delicious Marisco Spaghetti that I had for dinner but it was nonetheless a tasty brew that I am glad I tried.

To try this locally made dopplebock for yourself, look for it at your local LCBO, the Amsterdam retail store, and your favourite craft beer spot.


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03 Dec

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale | 24 Days of Beer: Day 3

Day 3_Wee Heavy Scotch Ale_Amsterdam
Day 3_Wee Heavy Scotch Ale_Amsterdam

Wee Heavy is ready for its close-up


Brewery: Amsterdam Brewery
Style: Scottish Ale
ABV: 6.2%        IBU: N/A

Wee Heavy is a dark copper-amber colour with almost no head and just a thin ring of bubbles. It leaves only minimal lacing as you drink. The nose is a bit boozy with a rich, toasty malt character; notes of caramel and toffee; and some honey sweetness. Roasted nut and grain aromas also make an appearance as well as light cherry or raisin fruity tartness.

Malt-forward, this beer has strong flavours of roasted and caramel malts with hints of toffee and bready grains. A mild raisin tartness balances the sweet malts while an earthy, moderate bitterness rounds out the taste. A touch of floral accentuates the sweet honey notes and a faint buttery-ness compliments the smooth, creaminess of this brew. A solid, strong-ish beer, this is a nice example of the style but could use a bit stronger – and more complex – malt flavours.

3 and a halfcat

Mike is unfortunately feeling pretty under the weather tonight and was sad to miss out on this one. He insists we’ll have to pick up another bottle once he’s feeling better. As you can imagine, I don’t object to this plan.

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07 Sep

Craft Beer Passport: Danforth

Canuck Pale Ale in a magnificent chalice at Sauce

Canuck Pale Ale in a magnificent chalice at Sauce

After several weekends of intending to head over to the Danforth to visit The Wren and neighbouring Sauce, we finally made plans with our Twitter buddy and fellow beer blogger, Eric of Doodle Brews, and headed out for some lunch and a nice afternoon drink, or five.

The food was great and the beer selection varied and delicious but the highlight of the day for me was the fantastic décor and atmosphere at Sauce. Inviting, warm, and funky it was full of visual appeal and eye candy from the bejewelled lampshades to the bright red and orange glassware, the space was full of rich colours and a mixture of textures.

The Wren had a cozy rusticness that I also quite liked and I do not mean to overshadow its charm but Sauce had a wholly unique character that very much appealed to me and I am sure I will find myself back there soon after completing the rest of my passport.

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