26 Mar

Spring Bock Beer Review

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass, because reasons

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 7.3%        IBU: 30

Another highly anticipated seasonal brew, this dopplebock from Amsterdam Brewing is going to be released in the LCBO for the first time this year. Already a fan favourite, it is sure to be a big success.

I actually tracked this one down at my favourite local drinking spot, 3030, last night and decided I had to give it a try. It may not have been the best pairing for the otherwise delicious Marisco Spaghetti that I had for dinner but it was nonetheless a tasty brew that I am glad I tried.

To try this locally made dopplebock for yourself, look for it at your local LCBO, the Amsterdam retail store, and your favourite craft beer spot.


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19 Jul

Coffee Pale Ale Beer Review

Nickel Brook LogoUnfortunately we did not actually make it to the Junction Brewery on Wednesday as once you get settled in at 3030 it is easy to simply stay. Fortunately I did try some delicious and interesting new beers. The first one was both of these, the second mostly just interesting so I thought it would be good to share my thoughts on the bizarre brew.

The first few sips didn’t bother me overtly but I didn’t really enjoy them either. The more I drank of the beer, though, the slower I got until the final third which I practically chugged because it was time to go. Something about the combination of coffee flavours and an otherwise fairly standard pale ale just did not suit my taste buds and I found the closest analogy I could make was an overly creamy, too sweet iced coffee. Not that it taste specifically sweet but that it had that watered down coffee flavour of an iced coffee that has been left to melt for just too long.

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