20 Mar

Sunkicked Anejo Beer Review

Sunkicked Anejo_Indie Alehouse

Aged in tequila barrels; it is a sour, boozy brew

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Wit
ABV: 7%        IBU: <10

While stopping in at the Indie Alehouse last weekend for the much anticipated Twin Pines IIPA, I decided to try this unusual barrel-aged brew. Mike had decided to stop in at the Rod, Gun & Barbers across the road for a quick haircut and I didn’t want to get started on the main event until he joined me.

So I picked out something new to try, something different; and I could not have picked something more different if I tried. Pretty far from my usual choices, this tequila barrel aged imperial wit is sour, boozy, and unlikely to appeal to anyone lacking a taste for tequila.


3 out of 5 cats

“We took an Imperial Wit, and this time we had a tequila barrel. Put them together, waited a little while (actually a long while) and ended up with a beer that is grassy, dry, and sour all at once with a nice citrus flavour through out.”

Indie Alehouse


This imperial wit pours a golden orange colour with a thick white head of foam. The head dissipates quickly to a thin covering of bubbles that leaves behind a nice lacing.


Sunkicked Anejo features a strong tequila nose with more subtle citrus notes. Hints of florals and herb and plenty of booziness also come through.


Quite sour with a powerful tequila barrel presence, the flavour of this barrel aged wit is very boozy. A subtle lemon rind citrus rounds out the brew with a puckering tartness. A bit of spice and florals also make their presence known but the tequila barrel remains the dominant flavour.


Sunkicked Anejo has a dry finish with puckering citrus sourness. It is medium bodied with significant carbonation and some lingering lemon rind.

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