26 Mar

Spring Bock Beer Review

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass, because reasons

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 7.3%        IBU: 30

Another highly anticipated seasonal brew, this dopplebock from Amsterdam Brewing is going to be released in the LCBO for the first time this year. Already a fan favourite, it is sure to be a big success.

I actually tracked this one down at my favourite local drinking spot, 3030, last night and decided I had to give it a try. It may not have been the best pairing for the otherwise delicious Marisco Spaghetti that I had for dinner but it was nonetheless a tasty brew that I am glad I tried.

To try this locally made dopplebock for yourself, look for it at your local LCBO, the Amsterdam retail store, and your favourite craft beer spot.



4 out of 5 cats

“Amsterdam Spring Bock is crafted using three types of imported malts to give it a unique richness and deep mahogany colour. Fermented with their house strain of Danish yeast and aged three times longer than other beers, Amsterdam Spring Bock is a seasonal brew you do not want to miss out on.”


This seasonal doppelbock pours a dark brown to black colour with lovely mahogany notes. A quarter-inch layer of tan head tops the beer, lasting well as you drink and leaving behind a light layer of lacing down the inside of the glass.


Amsterdam’s Spring Bock features a soft malt nose with a great chocolate and molasses presence. Hints of caramel and spice come through but overall the aroma is quite light. A touch of smoke is also noticeable.


Full of bitter dark chocolate and more subtle sweet molasses, this bock has a great malt notes. It has plenty of dark fruit and raisin notes with some light warming spice and smokiness. Some herbal, grassy notes give the brew a nice balance and some pleasant earthiness.


Smooth and somewhat creamy, Spring Bock has a bit of a syrupy body and soft carbonation. The bitter chocolate malts have a pleasant, subtle lingering presence and, despite the higher alcohol content, it goes down quite smoothly.


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