10 May

Robohop Double IPA Beer Review

GreatLakesBrewery-RobohopThis double IPA from Great Lakes Brewery has been released as a limited run in cans for the first time. Previously available only as the occasional draught-only release, Robohop is part of the Tank Ten series I have explored before. The series includes both popular and one-of brews as well as seasonal beers that have been scaled up to larger batches and aged in fermentation tank #10.

Robohop Double IPA

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9.5%  IBU: 100

3 out of 5 cats


Pouring an amber-orange with a tall, dense, stark-white head, Robohop has great lacing and mild retention.


With big citrus notes of orange and grapefruit there is only a hint of alcohol on the nose. Wet pine, toffee, honey, mint, bubblegum, and richly buttered bread round out the aroma for a diverse, robust, and fresh scent.

First Sip:

The first sip of this brew has a tropical tone with strong flavours of pineapple and mango and wet pine lingering in the background. With plenty of alcohol in the mix, this beer is a pretty good example of the style with more noticeable alcoholic hint than others.

Hops are clearly the focus of this beer with its sticky resinous feel, mild orange and tangerine notes, and a juicy not tart fruity bitterness. With a nice caramel base, Robohop has is well-balanced.


Prickly with active carbonation and a medium-full body, this beer is highly bitter with some astringency from the high levels of alcohol. Slick and oily, it has a welcoming resiny texture IPA lovers will recognize and appreciate.


Although this is a nice double IPA that I will certainly enjoy if I see it again, it somehow seems to be missing a certain something that other beers have gotten right. If you have the choice between the two my suggestion is to take the lower ABV My Bitter Wife IPA (also from Great Lakes Brewery) but they are both worth tasting.

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