16 Apr

Punch Buggy Beer Review

punch buggy_indie alehouse

Packed with raspberry, Punch Buggy is surprisingly tart

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 4.5%        IBU: N/A

Making the most of the great weather in Toronto the last few days I decided to wander over to Indie Alehouse for a pint or two in the almost-patio front area. Unfortunately when I arrived I found they did not actually have it open. Ah well, I got lots of air on the way over, and was quite thirsty by the time I arrived.

Eager to earn more achievements on Untappd (by far my favourite social media of late) I always try to have something new on New Brew Thursdays. As I was feeling pretty summery today I decided to try the new fruit beer on offer: Punch Drunk. I figured it was likely to be pretty refreshing if a little sweet.

While it did slake my thirst, this raspberry beer was certainly not the sweet beverage I anticipated. More tart than anything else, it was still packed with strong, natural berry flavours.


3 out of 5 cats


Bright red and cloudy, this raspberry beer pours with a half finger of white head. The head dissipates without haste to a thick covering with a tall ring of small bubbles remaining around the sides of the glass. Some lacing is left near the top of the glass before the head dissipates entirely.


Dominated by sweet and tart raspberry aromas, Punch Buggy delivers exactly what it promises. Floral notes and a soft herbal presence come through the strong raspberry flavours, bringing with them a faint whiff of leafy hops.


A touch acidic and tart, the flavour of this beer follows the aroma with big raspberry notes and a good herbal presence. Hints of apple and pear break through the raspberry while light malts and leafy hops provide a subtle background.


Rather too tart for me, Punch Buggy is somewhat dry and bitter with a medium body and carbonation level. The raspberry leaves a tart, lingering aftertaste behind.

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