02 Mar

Phantom Limb Beer Review

Phantom Limb_Bellwoods

A highly accessible Tripel, Phantom Limb is a great introduction to the style

Brewery: Bellwoods Brewery
Style: Belgian Style Tripel
ABV: 8%        IBU: 0

“Definitely on the lighter end of the Tripel style, Phantom Limb is the a perfect marriage between the subtle bitterness of a pale ale with the dryness of a Belgian Tripel.”






4 out of 5 cats


Pouring a hazy orange to amber colour, this tripel has a medium to thick head of tiny white bubbles. The fine and persistent head leaves behind some light lacing as you drink.


Phantom Limb has a complex and inviting aroma with Belgian yeast and spice coming through most strongly, closely followed by apricot, tart apple, and some banana and tropical citrus notes. A bit of booziness is certainly present but it does not overwhelm any of the more subtle aromas. A definite hop presence and hints of freshly baked bread round it out and light floral notes give it a summery air.


A highly accessible tripel, Phantom Limb begins spicy and earthy before giving way to tart fruit flavours including apricot, green apple, banana and just a touch of tropical citrus. There is less evidence of the Belgian yeast in the flavour but it does make its presence known in a subtle and inviting way. Noble hops and some spice give the sweet and tart flavours a nice balance and bring with them a hint of honey, lemon zest, and cut grass.


Quite dry with fine bubbles and a reasonably high carbonation, this tripel finishes very clean and refreshing. There is a bit of apricot and spice on the finish but it does not stick to the tongue or linger.

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