20 Apr

Octopus Wants to Fight Beer Review

octopus wants to fight_GLB

A perfect IPA for a sunny afternoon

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.2%        IBU: 88

Having already tried this beer in a can direct from the brewery when it first launched just a few weeks ago I almost did not order it on tap this afternoon. Luckily there was nothing on that I had not already tried and I know that GLB is always best fresh from the tap. I was not disappointed.

Already a delicious IPA, Octopus Wants to Fight gains an extra level of tasty when served fresh on a sunny spring afternoon in Toronto. Bright and effervescent, it features a lovely mingling of hop flavours.

In any case, I was glad I decided to it as I feel I have much greater appreciation for the beer than I did previously. If you get the chance, drink this one fresh, as Octo says. And this is not to say that it is not worth drinking from a can, it is still a delicious IPA well worth the $2.50/can.


4 and a halfcat

Our pet octopus is a bit of a jerk. He’s that guy who has a couple then either tells you how much he loves you or threatens to fight you.


A cloudy golden amber, this IPA features 1 finger of white head. Some carbonation is evident despite the haziness of the body. The thick head of small bubbles dissipates somewhat rapidly to a thin covering with thicker edges around the outside of the ring and leaves some light lacing behind.


Bold, resinous pine and leafy hops dominate the aroma up front before bright and juicy grapefruit and citrus notes take over. More vibrant on tap than I remember it being from the can, the nose of this beer is a bomb of mixed hops.


Hop forward, Octopus Wants to Fight is a bold, bright, and bitter brew with strong orange and grapefruit notes in the middle and a resinous, hoppy finish. A lingering bitter dryness with some leafy and resinous notes brings a touch of florals to the surface as well.


Dry with a medium body, this IPA is a nice blend of pine and citrus. Zesty carbonation tingles the tongue as you drink, bringing out the full IPA flavours.

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