03 May

Nut Brown Ale Beer Review

BlackOak-NutBrownAleThis award-winning Nut Brown Ale from Black Oak Brewing Company is often featured in magazines such as Food & Drink. It has won many accolades including a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013, a silver at the Ontario Brewing Awards in 2012 and People’s Choice award in 2011.

Available year round, it is one of my go-to dark beers that is both flavourful and widely available. British inspired, this brown ale was one of the flagship Black Oak beers when the brewery opened in 1999.


Nut Brown Ale

Brewery: Black Oak Brewing Company
Style: American Brown Ale
ABV: 5%           IBU: N/A

3 and a halfcat


With a dark mahogany colour and small, lacy, off-white head, this Nut Brown Ale has great lacing which clings to the glass.


A hint of cinnamon and vanilla complement the roasted malts and notes of bready maltiness. A slight hint of fruits releases caramel, walnut, and almonds scents along with a hit of cocoa and black tea.

First Sip:

The predominant flavours in this beer are roasted malt and toffee with hints of chocolate and a lovely earthiness. Slightly nutty with a subtle sweetness, it has a very faint hop finish that is dry but not bitter.


The mouthfeel of the Nut Brown Ale is a bit thin with a light to medium body, lower carbonation, and a creaminess reminiscent of a good stout.


This is a nicely balanced beer that is highly sessionable and has quickly become my go-to dark beer. It has good aromas and flavours but is lacking a bit in texture and mouthfeel. However, this lightness makes it more enjoyable in situations that you would not necessarily consider a dark beer such as sitting on a sunny patio.

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