28 May

Nigerian Prince Beer Review

Nigerian Prince_Indie Alehouse

A heady brew that pours black as night

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%        IBU: N/A

Filling up our 2015 Growler Club growler for the first time in a few weeks, I had a tough choice: A new saison, a new ESB, and a rich, strong imperial stout.

With a fridge full of Canuck and Pompous Ass, I decided the stout would round out our options best and spent the extra $9 for this over-proof, barrel-aged brew.

I think I made the right choice – this stout was a great pairing with our delicious Indian dinner – but I’ll certainly have to be back again soon to try out the other new options available.


Nigerian Prince

4 and a halfcat


Pitch black in colour, this imperial stout pours with a thick, medium brown head. Dissipating slowly, the bubbles form a thin cover and thicker ring with light lacing as you drink.


Featuring a heady aroma of bourbon and coffee notes with a hint of raisins, Nigerian Prince is a bold brew. A touch of caramel and some lingering booziness are also present along with a faint cane sugar sweetness.


This imperial stout starts with smooth, robust coffee notes and a strong barrel presence. Somewhat spicy, it also features hints of orchard fruits and some sweet bourbon flavours with a bit of molasses in the malty backbone.


Smooth with a medium to thick body, Nigerian Prince features soft carbonation and a rich lingering coffee aftertaste.

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