29 Jan

Love Triangle IPA Beer Review

Love Triangle IPA - Indie Alehouse

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Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.5%        IBU: unknown (60 ish)


Brewed with three different hops, Love Triangle IPA is a delicious affair of pine, citrus, and floral hop profiles. A nice compliment to their usual offerings, it is another solid IPA.


4 out of 5 cats


Love Triangle IPA pours with a thick head of foam that quickly fades to a thin ring of bubbles leaving traces of lacing behind. The cheerful, cloudy orange-gold colour belies the bright nature of this beer.


Fresh and pine-forward, the aroma of this American IPA features strong leafy notes and bright citrus scents including grapefruit and tangerine. A hint of vanilla and a touch of florals round it out.


The citrus notes of grapefruit and especially tangerine are more prevalent in the flavour than the aroma but there is still plenty of piney leafiness. A nice level of bitterness is tempered by creamy vanilla and some light floral notes.


Prickly with hoppiness, Love Triangle IPA has a medium body and medium carbonation. There is a lasting bitterness and a slightly odd pine and citrus aftertaste that somewhat detracts from the overall crispness of the brew.

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