01 May

Leaf Hop Saison Beer Review

Leaf Hop Saison_Amsterdam Brewery

Leaf Hop Saison is a recent addition to the Amsterdam lineup

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing 
Style: Saison
ABV: 6%        IBU: N/A

Not your typical saison, this new addition to the Adventure Brew lineup is a great brew with which to welcome the Spring.

Nicely balanced between funky farmhouse flavours and resinous hops, Leaf Hop Saison is brewed with Opal leaf hops and then dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin.

A limited run, this beer is worth checking out while you can! I know I will be enjoying it a bunch more over the next few weeks thanks to the Brewhouse’s close proximity to Mike’s work.


4 out of 5 cats

Combining our love of saisons and all things hoppy, this beer has the classic drinkability and dryness you’d expect of the style with a balanced noble hop flavour and spicy passionfruit and pineapple aroma.


Pouring a hazy amber-gold with a thin head of small bubbles (and a few big ones), this beer leaves behind a thin lacing. The head is edged by a thicker ring of small and medium sized bubbles.


Dominated by funky Belgian yeast, Leaf Hop Saison has a soft aroma of orange peel and hints of lemon rind. A touch of vanilla and orange blossom sweetens it up but the overall aroma is quite soft and both inviting and intriguing.


A touch sour, the flavour of this saison is full of lemon rind and orange peel with some resinous leafy hop and a bit of floral notes. A bitter finish is followed by a subtle but tart lingering citrus.


Leaf Hop Saison has a medium body with relatively average carbonation. The aftertaste is tart but not long with some lovely lemon rind notes at the end.

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