20 Dec

Kentucky Bastard | 24 Days of Beer #20

Day 20 - Kentucky Bastard - Nickel Brook

Rich and dark, Kentucky Bastard is begging to be enjoyed… slowly.


Brewery: Nickel Brook Brewing
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%        IBU: 70

Kentucky Bastard pours black with a boozy bourbon aroma and finger of dark tan head. The bubbles dissipates to a ring around the edges with light lacing. Hints of caramel, coffee, and butterscotch temper the strong bourbon character releasing a touch of vanilla and roasty malts. The ring of head dissipates slowly throughout drinking, leaving a thin circle.

This imperial stout opens with soft caramel and vanilla before kicking your tastebud’s asses with a powerful, boozy, bourbon bite. Hints of coffee and carib come through, bringing coffee and vanilla notes. The body is tick and smooth with significant carbonation. Kentucky Bastard doesn’t fade away quietly either with a significant vanilla and bourbon lasting aftertaste.

5 out of 5 cats

Mike says:

Kentucky Bastard is ultra-full-flavoured!

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