10 Dec

HopBot IPA | 24 Days of Beer: Day 10

Day 10_HopBot IPA_Hop City

Clear and bright, HopBot IPA is an inviting brew


Brewery: Hop City Brewing Co.
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.1%      IBU: 70

This IPA pours a clear golden colour with a small head of foam. The head has some retention, fading to a thin covering of bubbles and some carbonation is evident. Strong, juicy grapefruit and peach dominate the aroma and a hint of tangerine is also evident. Traces of leafy hops round it out for an inviting, intense aroma.

HopBot’s flavour follows its aroma quite well with strong citrus fruits and resiny, leafy hops. Grapefruit, and orange give it a juicy body while the hints of sweet peach balance the high IBUs. A prickly, spicy bitterness dominates the mouthfeel, leaving a lasting sensation of prickly citrus spice.

4 out of 5 cats

Mike says:

HopBot has great mouthfeel!

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