27 Apr

Heelch O’Hops Beer Review

Heelch O Hops_Anderson Valley

This Double IPA is brewed with a heelch of Columbus, Chinook, & Cascade hops

Brewery: Anderson Valley
Style: American Double India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.7%        IBU: 100

Sometimes cat-sitting has its perks. In fact, it has many perks but the relevant one at this point is the image to the left.

This delicious Californian Double IPA is an especially tasty treat left for me by my grateful and very thoughtful neighbours as a thankful for watching their 3 adorable cats.

Extremely well balanced, Heelch O’Hops features not only lovely citrus hop profiles but also plenty of resinous hops and lots of malt. Far from detracting from the flavour, the high levels of Pale Two-Row, Victory malts in this beer give it a solid backbone on which to hang the intense hop characteristics.


4 and a halfcat

“Our double IPA has a palate pleasing bitterness that is carefully balanced with a full-bodied malt foundation.”


This clear copper beer pours with a thick head of white, frothy foam. The head has great retention while leaving some significant lacing down the inside of the glass.


With plenty of pineapple and orange, citrusy hops this double IPA has a great mix of hop profiles that are quite well balanced. Some grainy aromas also make their presence known in the nose of this IPA.


Beginning with light, bright citrus, Heelch O’Hops develops pineapple and orange flavours that are subdued but still juicy. A touch of pine adds some balance while a bit of sweet fruitiness rounds out the complex flavour. The bitterness is less intense than one might expect from a double IPA without giving up any of the delicious hop profiles you’d want. A strong malt character provides a solid backbone for this truly tasty beer.


With a medium body and level of carbonation, Heelch O’Hops is slightly sticky with a resinous mouthfeel and a lasting bitterness.

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