01 Dec

Happy December! Announcements Inside

24 Days of Beer

AnnouncementStarting today I will be setting off on a grand adventure of the huge variety of beer made right here in Ontario. After all, what better way to enjoy this season of self-indulgence and celebration than with a decadent and delicious journey through local brews?

Over the course of the next 24 days I will be cracking a new home-grown brew everyday and sharing my thoughts as I prepare for the inevitable beer-cation at the end of this year. My lovely husband Mike will also be offering his 2 cents as I, extremely generously, share my daily beer adventure with him. So come back each day between 7 and 8 to find out all about the beers of Ontario.

Breweries will include, in no particular order:

The beers have been purchased, wrapped, and numbered by my lovely, indulgent husband so, while I do know what some of them are, I have no idea what I will be enjoying each day. Come on back this evening to see what today’s mystery beer will be!

kitTEA critic

24 Days of Tea I am also proud to announce the launch of my new sister site, kitTEA critic, where I will discuss the wonderful world of tea, easily the second most common beverage I imbibe. Starting today I will be breakfasting each morning with the 24 Days of Tea box from David’s Tea. An extremely popular set, it sells out each year in no time at all. Having missed it last year I am really excited to have picked one up early this year and it has been taunting me ever since, until today!

To read all about the first tea, click here.



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