Greater Toronto Area Breweries



45 Esandar Drive, Toronto, ON., M4G 4C5 (map)
245 Queens Quay W. South Building Toronto, ON., M5J 2K9 (map)

Notable Brews:
Boneshaker Unfiltered IPA, Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, (416) Local Lager, Fracture Imperial IPA

Where to Buy:
LCBO, retail stores at both locations, and the Beer Store*

Back in 1986, a revolution began with a new brewpub on John Street in Toronto. Ales, lagers, stouts and seasonal beers were brewed on premise, introducing thirsty patrons to something they had never encountered in a beer — flavour. Every beer we make holds to the promises we followed in crafting our very first brews: Crafted by hand, made fresh daily, and created for you to enjoy!


bellwoods brewery_small124 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z5 (map)

Notable Brews: Roman Candle, Witchshark, Bounty Hunter, Hellwoods, Wizard Wolf

Where to Buy: Retail store located at the brewery

Bellwoods Brewery is a small craft brew pub and retail store in downtown Toronto. We opened our doors to the public on April 6, 2012, and have been brewing full-steam ahead ever since (actually, to be honest we direct-fire, not steam). At a relatively small production capacity of approximately 2200 hectolitres of beer a year, we’re able to exercise a lot of creative freedom, brewing up anything and everything that floats our collective boats. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.


black creek_logo_small

1000 Murray Ross Parkway Toronto, ON M3J 2P3 (map)

Notable Brews:
Black Creek Pumpkin Ale, Rifleman’s Ration, The Black Creek Porter 

Where to Buy:
Select LCBOs, retail store at the brewery

Black Creek Historic Brewer recreates the techniques, tools and recipes used by brewers in 1860s Ontario. Our brewmaster creates small-scale batches entirely by hand. It’s a great place to learn about beer because, unlike a modern commercial brewery, you can see every step in the process for yourself. And no one else has a brewmaster ready to welcome visitors in period costume!


black oak_logo_small

75 Horner Ave, Unit #1 Toronto, ON (map)

Notable Brews:
Nut Brown Ale, Ten Bitter Years Imperial IPA, Nutcracker Porter, Epiphany No. 1,

Where to Buy:
LCBO, retail store at the brewery, the Beer Store*

We really, really care about the beer that we produce. We are sticklers for quality and are extremely careful with the production of our beer. We use premium ingredients, traditional brewing processes and lots of hard work to create our award winning beers. We want to provide you with fresh, hand crafted, local beer that matches the best in the world. Not only are the majority of our ingredients Canadian, but we also strive to ensure that the materials used are environmentally friendly.



1165 Invicta Dr, Oakville, ON (map)

Notable Brews:
Obsidian Imperial Porter, Dark 266, Deviator Dopplebock, Auburn Ale

Where to Buy:
LCBO, retail store at the brewery, the Beer Store*

Cameron’s Brewing Company is an award winning family run craft brewery based in Oakville, Ontario. With over 100 brewing excellence awards in our 17-year history, Cameron’s Brewing Company is a true craft brewery. We have been passionately brewing our all natural ales and lagers since 1997 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original founder, Cameron Howe, began his journey with the idea of introducing quality craft beer into the Ontario marketplace. What started as a mere hobby quickly turned into a flourishing small business. Today, Cameron’s Brewing Company remains true to its roots, with a dedicated team of beer experts committed to brewing quality, award-winning, locally crafted beer.



245 Eglinton Ave E,  Toronto, ON M4P 3B7 (map)

Notable Brews:
Best Bitter, Hopping Mad, Peculiar, Darkside Black IPA, Gin Lane Ale

Where to Buy:
retail store located at the brewery, select LCBOs

Located in the heart of Toronto, The Granite Brewery has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. We specialize in hand brewed, all natural Ales and offer a new featured menu every week. Our staff is fun, friendly, and knowledgeable – they’d love to say hello! We welcome you to classic style and a warm, inviting atmosphere . Visit the library for a lunch, our dining lounge with a fireplace for supper, sit at the bar to watch the game, or enjoy one of two large patios in the summer months.


great lakes brewery_logo_small

30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1L9 (map)

Notable Brews:
Lake Effect IPA, Canuck Pale Ale, Pompous Ass English Pale Ale, My Bitter Wife IPA, Harry Porter, Winter Ale

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery, LCBO

Great Lakes Brewery, founded in 1987, was purchased by the Bulut family in 1991 and, in a craft beer market that has changed considerably since, they’ve managed to remain independent and grow the company into one of the largest microbreweries in Ontario. The beers in question have evolved from their flagship Golden Horseshoe Premium Lager to include their Crazy Canuck Pale Ale (silver medal winner at the 2012 Ontario Brewing Awards), their Red Leaf Smooth Red Lager (also a silver medal winner), the Devil’s Pale Ale, and a handful of award-winning seasonals. (source)


indie ale house_small2876 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8 (map)

Notable Brews: Instigator IPA, Wit’ner Toque, 99 Luft Balloons, Cockpuncher IIPA, and a host of collaborations

Where to buy: Retail store located at the brewery

We make and serve beer. Not cocktails. Not shots. Not Caesars or Martinis. It’s not that kind of place and that’s fine with us. We’re not fans of rules, beer style guidelines, or people telling us what we can or can’t do. Our beers and food reflect this attitude and our quest to make something that will leave an impression.


junction craft brewing_small90 Cawthra Avenue Unit 101, Toronto, ON M6N 3C2 (map)

Notable Brews: Stationmaster’s Stout, Dark Matter, Black Lager, Engineer’s IPA

Where to Buy: Retail store located at the brewery, some LCBOs

Junction Craft Brewing is committed to brewing highest-quality, hand-crafted beers. We brew only with the natural ingredients of Water, Yeast, Barley and the world’s finest Hops…We have designed, built and installed a custom brewing system at 90 Cawthra Avenue in The Junction. We have also constructed a Tap Room + Retail Bottle Shop to sample and sell our beer in glasses, 2L growlers and 500 ml bottles.



156 Augusta Ave Toronto, ON M5T 2L4 (map)

Notable Brews:
Baldwin FishEye-PA, Augusta Ale, Fruitstand Watermelon Wheat,

Where to Buy:
retail store coming soon, LCBO, the Beer Store*

The Kensington Brewing Company is a small, independently owned and operated craft beer company located in the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto. Our company was founded by Brock Shepherd in 2011. Within a short period of time we grew from a one-man operation (a single desk in the back of a restaurant!) to a close-knit team of 5 passionate craft beer enthusiasts. Our core brands, Augusta Ale and FishEYE-PA, can be found at LCBO’s across the province and at more than 150 licensed establishments.


king_logo_small5645 King Rd, Nobleton, ON L0G 1N0 (map)

Notable Brews:
Vienna Lager, King Pilsner, King Dark

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery, LCBO, the Beer Store*

King Brewery, located in Nobleton, Ontario, officially opened in July of 2002 with one of the only authentic German decoction brewhouses in Canada. Committed to brewing stylistically authentic, ultra premium beer, the brewery has earned immediate recognition with both discerning beer drinkers and critics alike. King Brewery offers an unprecedented combination; the craftsmanship and heritage of Old World brewing, combined with the freshness of a local product. With it’s leading edge thinking and technology, King continues to produce beer that rivals the best imports in both taste and quality.


left field_logo_small

36 Wagstaff Dr, Toronto, ON M4L 2H7 (map)

Notable Brews:
Resin Bag, Eephus, Sunlight Park, Maris

Where to Buy:
retail store opening soon, currently available in tap at select bars

We started Left Field Brewery under a simple philosophy: that great beer is about great taste and good times. We’re not here to confuse you with jargon or gimmicky promises – we’re here to make distinct, flavourful beers that can stand on taste alone. We’re brewing the kind of beer that we like to drink, inspired by the sport we love to play and watch; the kind of beer you can sit and enjoy during the game while talking shop over a blown call or a spectacular play.


mill street_logo_small

21 Tank House Ln Toronto, ON (map)
555 Wellington St. Ottawa, ON (map)

Notable Brews:
Tankhouse, 100th Meridian, Vanilla Porter, Nightmare on Mill Street, Frambozen

Where to Buy:
retail stores at the breweries, LCBO, the Beer Store*

Mill Street Brewery officially opened in December 2002 and made its home in an original tankhouse within the historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery complex, now known as the Historic Distillery District. Built in the late 1870s, the building is a well-preserved example of classic Victorian industrial architecture. At Mill Street, we pride ourselves in being creators of innovative craft brews, bringing interesting and delicious beer to the public. We believe we have a beer to suit every palate and the choices we provide are excellent compliments to any dish.


nickel brook_logo_small

864 Drury Lane  Burlington, ON L7R 2Y4 (map)

Notable Brews:
Kentucky Bastard, Malevolent IPA, Le Paysan Saison, Bolshevik Bastard, Wet Hop, Headstock IPA

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery, LCBO, the Beer Store*

Since 2005, Nickel Brook has quickly developed a reputation for having a lively and enticing line up of beers. It is in our business to offer our customers an unrivaled experience designed to surpass their expectations. Our accumulation of a diversified product line partnered with superior service, has established a loyal following in the surrounding area. We proudly use only the finest, natural ingredients from all over the world and brew them in small batches for the highest standard of quality. Our purpose and objective here at Nickel Brook is to be an acknowledged market leader in the quality and service we offer our customers in whatever community we participate. We firmly believe that our practice of craft brewing, and dedication to outstanding quality and thorough customer service, is what has separated us from our competitors.


old credit_logo_small

6 Queen St W,  Mississauga, ON (map)

Notable Brews:
Amber Ale, Pale Pilsner, Holiday Honey

Where to Buy:
select LCBOs

Right from its start 15 years ago, Old Credit Brewing Company had to be different and it had to be better! Owner Aldo Lista and his highly-skilled German-born brewmaster, Orrin Besco, made sure if it. It was Orrin who proposed the unique sub-zero brewing process that is rare in Europe and virtually unheard of in North America. It was Aldo who made the commitment to spend the time, money, and effort to create the ice-brewed beer.Why? “Because its the best quality,” says Aldo, “And to me that’s worth every minute and every penny we spend making it.”


ramblin road_logo_small

2970 Swimming Pool Rd,  La Salette, ON N0E 1H0 (map)

Notable Brews:
Country Pilsner, Dakota Pearl Ale, Country Lager, Country Ale

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery

Ramblin’ Road is Ontario’s first and only Brewery Farm, located just south of the small town of La Salette in Norfolk County – a remarkably fertile part of the province known as Ontario’s Garden. You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is a Brewery Farm?” For starters, like a lot of farms, this place can be a little hard to find…Once you do get here, you’ll find this an actual working farm with crops growing, a hop garden flourishing and plenty of activity. Like most farms, this is a going concern, an enterprise. The big difference is our harvest is premium quality, small batch hand crafted beer. We grow our own hops on the Brewery Farm, draw pure spring water from our coveted and productive land, and use the finest Canadian barley & yeast. We put these ingredients into the hands of our brewing specialist, with over 30 years experience in the Canadian beer industry and a passion for expertly crafted premium beers, through his eyes and hands we have been inspired to create our current harvest of Country Lager, Country Ale and Country Pilsner, each one a discovery in itself.



Roundhouse Park, 255 Bremner Blvd,  Toronto, ON M5V 3M9 (map)

Notable Brews:
Steam Whistle Pilsner

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery, LCBO, the Beer Store*

The Steam Whistle story begins in the spring of 1998 when three friends were on a canoe trip in the Ontario heartland. Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell had all been colleagues at one of Canada’s premier microbreweries producing quality beer in the late 1980’s and 90’s – before it was bought out by a national brewer and closed down. As they sat around the campfire, the self-named “Three Fired Guys” dreamed of running their own brewery one day. They wanted to make a Pilsner that would compete with the best in the world. They wrote a plan and quickly attracted investors with their vision and passion.



1156 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X4  (map)

Notable Brews:
Hop Nouveau, Smoked Oatmeal Stout, Polar Vortex, Gingerbread Strong Ale, Maple Bock

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery, select LCBOs

In early 2014, the old Trafalgar Brewery retail store was demolished and rebuilt. An exciting new Tasting Bar and retail outlet and was created to showcase our wide range of products and allow our customers to be an integral part of our new product development. And the response has been fabulous! The Trafalgar Club provides a distinct, focused environment to sample, purchase and learn all about the unique world of beverages produced by Trafalgar Artisanal Distillery and Trafalgar Ales and Meads. We’re open every day and we you invite to come in, take a tour of our facilities, and sample the high quality small batch custom Whiskies, flavoured “Moonshines”, delicious Meads and our award-winning Beers.


underdogs brewhouse_logo_small

1100 Skae Dr,  Oshawa, ON L1J 7A1 (map)

Notable Brews:
All or Nothing Hopfenweisse

Where to Buy:
only available on tap at select bars

 Underdog’s Brewhouse was founded by brothers Jeff and Eric in 2014, based on the core philosophy that a true underdog can overcome any challenge put before them, no matter the size or complexity. In the Canadian beer world, Underdog’s Brewhouse may appear to be at a disadvantage, going up against the multinational beer conglomerates with their thousands of employees and tens of millions in advertising dollars. However, what sets Underdog’s Brewhouse apart is a superior full-flavoured product, excellent customer service and a tidal wave of energy to do our part in the “Better Beer Revolution”.



525 Argyle Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 4Z8 (map)

Notable Brews:
Milk Stout, Geronimo IPA, Loophole Ale, Honest Lager, Post Prohibition Coffee Porter

Where to Buy:
retail store at the brewery

A place of heritage, community and of course – great hand crafted beer. Our history begins with Hiram Walker; a man better known as the founder of Hiram Walker and Sons LTD, the manufactures of great spirits including the world famous Canadian Club. Something many people don’t know is that Mr. Walker was also a beer man, and had a keen eye for the finer things in life. So when he opened the original Walkerville Brewery in 1890, he told the citizen-workers of his company-city that he was provide an ‘Honest Beer”. What he meant was anything produced from his brewery will only be crafted of the finest ingredients – no exceptions.