23 Mar

Frost Quake Beer Review

frost quake_wellington

This Guelph-made barleywine has bold bourbon flavours

Brewery: Wellington Brewery
Style: American Barleywine
ABV: 9.8%        IBU: 85

Feeling the need for a tasty brew after an evening of pouring beer samples for others, I found I could not resist this tempting label. I quite enjoy a good barleywine and bourbon barrels are nothing to sneeze at either so I had to take a closer look. When I realized it was a Wellington brew, I decided it was a solid choice and promptly took one home for the evening. And I was not disappointed, not one bit. Warm and full of dark fruit flavours, it is a robust brew sure to warm you up on the coldest of nights.


4 out of 5 cats

“Like a loud boom on a cold winter night, this bourbon barrel aged barley wine will awaken your taste buds! … After a few months of aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels, this complex ale takes on rich oak flavours with notes of vanilla and smoke.”


Dark brown with mahogany notes, this bourbon barrel-aged barleywine pours hazy with a small, off-white head. Light lacing is left down the inside of the glass as you drink and the head dissipates quickly to a thin covering.


Bourbon barrel and a dark fruit tartness dominates Frost Quake’s aroma. Light vanilla and toffee characteristics also come through with hints of cherry, apple, pear, and plum. Warming spices and a significant alcohol presence round it out for a complex but quite pleasant scent.


Frost Quake begins with strong, tart cherry and raisin notes followed by significant bourbon barrel esters. Hints of vanilla and toffee add a faint sweetness to the brew while orchard fruit and warming spices linger on the tongue with a tart booziness.


Medium to full bodied, this barleywine goes down quite smoothly without significant carbonation. Less syrupy than I expected, this brew is actually quite pleasantly dry.

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