14 May

Cameron’s Dark 266 Beer Review

Camerons Dark 266 Originally brewed as a one-of draught beer for speciality beer bars, demand for this brew was high so it was re-released in bottles. A deceptively dark beer, Cameron’s Dark 266 is brewed with lager yeast making the results lighter tasting than one would expect.

A nice all-around dark beer, Cameron’s has long been one of our favourite darks, when we can find it. I have been drinking almost exclusively this brew over the last few days as I have been stuck at home with a broken ankle and, while I usually prefer a nice IPA, I have found myself enjoying each drop.

Cameron’s Dark 266

Brewery: Cameron’s Brewing Company
Style: Euro Dark Lager
ABV: 4.5%          IBU: N/A

3 out of 5 cats


A clear, dark brown pour with a foamy tan head and spotted lacing down the glass, Dark 266 has nice retention.


With strong toffee and roast malts and light hints of chocolate, molasses, anise, and a hint of smoke. Some herbal hops and grassy scents round out the brew which is finished with a touch of toasted hazelnut.

First Sip:

This mildy sweet beer has hints of toffee, roasted grains, and coffee undertones with a dominant maltiness. Subtle bitterness and nuttiness round out the flavour along with grassy, herbal hops.


With light to medium body and a watery texture, this is a light drinking beer with average carbonation.


Crisp and well-balanced, Dark 266 is not overly complex but is well-brewed and a nice dark option that has been likened to a North American Lager with the flavours of a German Schwarzbier. It will be a nice match for the less than seasonal temperatures this long weekend.

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