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A work in progress, this page will include guides to all styles of beer including local, domestic, and imported brews divided by location of origin. This page will be updated regularly so check back for more guides soon!

IPA Beer Guides

Known for their hoppy and bitter character, the term India Pale Ale was first coined in 1829 and referred to pale ales specifically formulated to survive the long journey to India. This meant that they were brewed with extra hops and had a more bitter character than many of their pale ale counterparts.

Today the IPA is one of the darlings of the craft beer industry with many fans – and many critics. As a big fan of IPA, I put together this guide to some of my favourites of the style to help other hop-lovers track down excellent and intriguing brews from around the world.

Ontario IPAs | Canadian IPAs | American IPAs | Other Imported IPAs


More Guides Coming Soon!