20 Aug

Coming This Weekend: New Beer Guides!

That’s right, this weekend I will have a few more beer guides for you to peruse before the summer is over! I am also planning another exciting craft beer passport stop that should knock at least a couple more places off my list and give me lots of new brews to tell you all about! So tune back in on Saturday for some delicious recommendations and tales of my beery exploits.

Beer Guides to Come

  • Porters – August 23
  • Wheat Beer – August 23
  • Saison/Farmhouse Beer –¬†September 6
  • Gluten Free – September¬†6
  • APAs – September 13
  • Pilsners – September 13
  • + more to come!

You may notice the two week gap in there in between this weekend and the first weekend of September. There is a very good reason for this: Bevy 0008! On August 30 I will instead bring you an in-depth round-up of the highly anticipated (by me at least) and sold-out event.

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