06 Mar

Chimay Premiere Beer Review

A certified Trappist ale, Chimay Premiere is brewed under exacting standards

A certified Trappist ale, Chimay Premiere is brewed under exacting standards

Brewery: Chimay Peres Trappistes
Style: Abbey Dubbel
ABV: 7%         IBU: N/A

Apologies for the delay in posting this delicious beer but last night I had an extremely necessary night out with some of my favourite ladies. Breaking with my usual habits I actually enjoyed a scotch and soda with my endless hot pots of delicious meat (and veggies) but I had cracked this beautiful bottle of joy open earlier in the week and wanted to share my thoughts.

Having only had occasion to try this brew a few times in the past, I was quite excited to receive not just one or two but three bottles of the stuff for my birthday! I will be taking my time enjoying these puppies over the next few weeks but it was tough to resist the temptation to crack one open: I only lasted a few hours before I gave in.

Chimay Premiere (Red/Rouge)

4 and a halfcat

“The exceptional yeast isolated by Father Theodore, combined with the purity of the highly protected water of the abbey’s wells, gives Chimay its unique richness.”


This tasty Trappist ale pours a medium to dark reddish brown with a half inch of soapy, off-white head made up of very fine bubbles. The head dissipates slowly , leaving a thin covering across the top with a thicker ring around the outside. A faint lacing is left behind as you drink.


Chimay Premiere features a lovely bright Belgian yeast aroma with a hint of dried fruit and some raisin coming through. Some light spice and a bit of nuttiness round out the aroma while faint earthy notes and malts make their presence known.


Beginning with a subtle sweet maltiness, the flavour of this ale is dominated by sweet and tart fruit notes of plum and dates followed by a light bitterness and touch of leafy hops. A bready body that is quite smooth and creamy hides the high alcohol well and brings with it a touch of smokiness. Well balanced and easy drinking for the style, it is a classic for a reason.


Highly effervescent with tiny champagne-like bubbles, this medium bodied strong ale finishes warm with a slightly sticky, lingering aftertaste of dried fruit and Belgian yeast.

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