25 Oct

Next Week: Bevy 0010 Pumpkins + Porters!


On the last Friday of every month, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies holds a ladies-only night of beer-tasting, excellent food, and great tunes and this month, in a truly fortuitous turn of events, the last Friday just so happens to be Hallowe’en! Determined to celebrate properly, the ladies jumped on the opportunity to don some fun costumes and Trick or Treat with the best treat of all: beer. Bevy 0010: Pumpkins + Porters promises to be an excellent party with unique brews, tasty treats, and prizes for the best costumes.

Not one to miss out, I quickly chose a costume and convinced my husband to grab a ticket as well, excited by the opportunity to bringing him along to my mysterious and exclusive monthly beer party. I am particularly looking forward to trying the next Bevy Brew as last month’s creation, the Vanilla Rooibos Stout from Sawdust City, was particularly excellent. I have a feeling this month’s may involve pumpkins, porters, or both.

Grab your tickets to join us here: Tickets.

11 Oct

Black Oak Brewery Bash

Black Oak_Epiphany No 1


Brewers of such delicious beers as 10 Bitter Years and Nutcracker Porter, Black Oak Brewing Co has played a huge role in the growth and success of the craft beer industry in Toronto. For 15 years they have been brewing up a storm of unique and delicious brews and so its no surprise that they should celebrate their 15th anniversary with the release of a limited run series of Epiphanies. Well-named, this series promises to be a varied and interesting bunch of weird and wonderful recipes. Epiphany No 1 is available in the breweries retail store and will be available for a limited run in the LCBO and craft friendly bars. You can also try it next weekend at the brewery’s anniversary celebration!

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30 Jul

The Toronto Festival of Beer – Beer Review

Canuck_Pale_Ale_GLBDate: Saturday, July 26. 2014
Location: Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place
Time: 1:30-8:00 PM

Every year in Toronto, the Beer Store takes over Bandshell Park for an entire weekend at the end of July for their Festival of Beer and fills the area with a very large number of beer tents, pop-up restaurants, and vendors.From jerky and cigars to junk food and dinner, they have got all your needs covered so you can just relax and enjoy the myriad selection of beer.

Flying Monkeys in particular has had a substantial spread of widely different brews; in fact it was the most impressive number of taps I saw all day by easily double. If I had greater tolerance for beer I would have tried them all but there were plenty of other breweries with tasty treats to try. I’d meant to pick up a shirt but somehow plans become very fluid after a good quantity of beer and I never got around to it. I did snag some stickers and a whole mess of coasters throughout the day and stopped in to see Left Field early enough to remember to buy a comfy tank tap.

While I was disappointed that the first Left Field beer I tried – Resin Bag IPA, which turned me on the the brewery – was not available, I did go back multiple times and ended up trying all three of their offerings. This is a brewery to watch: I expect good things to come. If you can get your hands on the Resin Bag you should definitely give it a try but don’t hesitate to give the others a chance as well!

Below you will find a list of the beers I tried, some information about them, and my ranking. Over the next few weeks I will be going into more detail about as many of them as I can get my hands on again and will link to the full reviews from here as I go.

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12 Jul

Craft Beer Passport: Kensington Market

craft beer passport_5 Having so thoroughly enjoyed my first three stops on the Craft Beer Passport, I was really looking forward to crossing another couple of bars off of my list Tuesday night. We had made plans with my dad after buying him a passport of his own for Father’s Day and we were finally getting out to make good on our promise to visit some of the establishments together.

But on Tuesday morning I was worried: the weather network was promising rain all day and all evening with high risk of thunderstorms and powerful winds. As the rain poured down hard enough that I could barely see out the window, our plan of knocking off two bars with a stop for dinner in between seemed ill-suited to the day.

By late afternoon, however, the powers that be had decided to smile on our plan and the weather turned to our favour as the skies cleared for a lovely sunny couple of hours before dinner. Relieved, I set out to meet the others at our first stop: Thirsty & Miserable. The rain did make another short appearance as we strolled over to Margarita’s for dinner but it was a lovely summer evening and we didn’t mind it all that much. I, for one, was quite mollified by the unexpected treat of finding one of my favourite beers at our first stop.

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10 Jul

Craft Beer Passport: The Bar With No Name

craft beer passport_3rdWith the cast off and summer in Toronto heating up quickly, I have been picking up steam on my passport. Last Monday, taking advantage of the holiday to have an extra long weekend, we decided it was long past time to check out the nearby, geek-friendly Bar With No Name that we had walked past many times but never entered.  

Greeted with a unique atmosphere and friendly staff, we were happy to see the beer selection was not only quite good but also incredibly affordable: Mondays at the Bar With No Name means $10 pitchers of anything on tap! And with their selection, that is a pretty impressive deal. 

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03 Jul

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies


“We are a group of Toronto ladies passionate about all things craft beer. On the last Friday of every month, we hold a “bevy” in a secret location, where we explore delicious craft beer in the company of other fantastic women.” (Source)

A few months ago I was introduced to the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies when my friend – and neighbour – got a ticket to the first Bevy event. Based on her description the next day, I knew I had to get to the next one. As luck would have it, the second event fell on my birthday and my friend was able to get us tickets. From then on, each month I have joined a fabulous group of women from all walks of life to try new craft beers and enjoy the camaraderie of a like-minded group of women.

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21 Jun

Craft Beer Passport: Second Stop

second stop-3030Having gotten started on my beer tour of the city last week, I was determined to keep going cast or no. Luckily we live very close to 3030 so my (amazing) husband was able to drive me there and then drop the car back at home.

As only my second trip to this bourbon and craft beer bar in the Junction, I was impressed once again not only by the beer selection but also by the delicious small share plates, most of which are only $5. Among my favourites: Blue cheese mac n’cheese & popcorn chicken. (The doubles also look fantastic for the vegetarians/vegans out there!)

To read about the delicious beer I tried on this stop, keep reading!

Have you tried any interesting brews yet on your craft beer passport? Tell me all about them in the comments – I’d love to add some interesting new beers to my wishlist!  

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28 May

The Best Beer Events in Toronto This Summer

As the days get hotter and we see more and more of the sun each day, it is natural that our thoughts turn to patios and cold, delicious beer. To get the most out of this summer, don’t miss out on the wealth of beer events in Toronto. From the Festival of Beer in July to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, there are lots of ways to celebrate your favourite beverage – and enjoy some fantastic food while you are at it. The fun really gets going this weekend with events every few weeks for the rest of the season.

Don’t forget to pick up your Craft Beer Passport this weekend and get started on your city-wide beer sampling tour. Valid from June 1st to November 30th, the Craft Beer Passport costs $20 and will get you a $2 pint of a really amazing brew at 20 different bars and pubs. Passports will also be available for purchase at participating venues on June 1st.

beer event calendar

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26 Apr

Society of Beer Drinking Ladies: Bevy 0004 Review

On the last Friday of each month, The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies gets together to drink and discuss craft beer and have an amazing time. Each month there are a series of different brews to try as well as new and familiar faces, many of them brewers and beer reps and bar owners. A great networking event as much as anything else, I was highly anticipating getting my third stamp and enjoying what was sure to be a fabulous selection of beer and a great group of ladies. While the evening was not quite what I had expected from my previous experiences, I did get to try some amazing beer and chat with some new beer buddies.

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

Started by a group of friends who love beer and work in the brewing industry in Ontario, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies has grown rapidly to include over 150 beer-loving ladies from Toronto and the surrounding area. There are also regional offshoots in nearby cities. The group has grown so quickly that events sell out within just a few hours of tickets becoming available. Luckily freelancing means I have the ability to watch my email fastidiously for notification that tickets have gone on sale and I have managed to snag a ticket to all but the first event.

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