26 Jan

Break of Dusk Beer Review

Break of Dusk_Black Oak Brewing Co_small

An appealing and inviting dark beer, this black APA has great head

Brewery: Black Oak Brewing Co.
Style: Black APA
ABV: 4.4%        IBU: unknown

Brewed as a hybrid style of Stout meets American Pale Ale, this unique beer fuses dark roasted malts with bold citrus American hops to create a rare brew…Pair this versatile, yet lower in alcohol brew with everything from
dark grilled meats and curries to the most delicately rich desserts.


4 and a halfcat

As a big fan of both stouts and hoppy pale ales, I am always eager to try these interesting hybrids and this was no exception. Black Oak has a strong history of successful experimentation when it comes to their brews but this is probably my favourite.


This hybrid ale pours an opaque dark brown to black colour with  a double finger of thick tan head. The head of foam has great retention, depleting to a thin layer of splotchy bubbles and some great lacing.


Break of Dusk has a great roasted coffee malt aroma with a great dark chocolate presence. A touch of piney, resiny hops and a bit of tangerine liven it up and give it a nice complexity.


Beginning smooth and subtle, it blossoms into beautiful and rich roasted malts with a great coffee body and a strong hop bite. Biscuit and chocolate malts make their presence known and a touch of citrus evokes a subtle orange pekoe flavour. A warming roasted spiciness lingers on the tongue.


This black APA features a slightly prickly bitter coffee aftertaste that builds as you continue to drink the warming brew. With a nice dryness and medium body, Break of Dusk is a great hybrid of styles that’s perfect for drinking all evening long.

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