26 Feb

Bounty Hunter Beer Review

bounty hunter_bellwoods

Oddly summery for an imperial porter, Bounty Hunter is as delicious as it is dark

Brewery: Bellwoods Brewery
Style: Strong Porter
ABV: 10.3%        IBU: N/A


“AKA “The Cocopo”: This strong porter received a healthy dose of raw coconut and vanilla during fermentation. The result is a maelstrom of bitter chocolate, dark malt flavours, with a subtle coconut/vanilla underbelly.”





4 and a halfcat


This imperial porter pours a deep, opaque black with a moderate head of off white to tan bubbles that dissipate quickly into a small ring and faint patches. The head leaves some light lacing behind.


Full of dark chocolate, toasted barley, and molasses with a bit of roasted coffee, Bounty Hunter features a much milder nose than I anticipated. Some vanilla and coconut sweetness break through the heavy malts but, for the featured flavours, they are quite subdued. A touch of honey and spice warms the brew while orchard fruit or cherry esters balance it out.


Bounty Hunter features rich dark chocolate and bitter black coffee malts with some molasses and honey to soften them. The promised coconut and vanilla flavours are, again, milder than expected but honestly quite nice. Coconut can be an overwhelming flavour and it is nice to see it used in moderation here. Smooth and not too boozy, this is the perfect imperial porter for a Caribbean escape!


With a medium body and just enough carbonation to give it a bit of life, Bounty Hunter is a bit thin for the style but it fits with the theme. The finish is a tad oily with a lingering roastiness and a touch of spice heat.

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