09 Mar

Black Blessing Beer Review

Image credit to Liberty Village as my camera was not cooperating

Image credit to Liberty Village as my camera was not cooperating

Brewery: Liberty Village Brewing Co.
Style: Stout
ABV: 7.4%        IBU: 53

Last night we went out to Tallboys for a friend’s birthday and enjoyed their fantastic selection of local craft brews. It has been a long time since we headed over there and I was quite impressed with the great selection as always.

My favourite find of the evening was this delicious little gem: a chocolate stout from a brewery I have otherwise had a hard time tracking down.


4 and a halfcat

“With Black Blessing we wanted to make a big, rich, dark beer, with a chocolate and coffee presence that pairs well with dessert, or serves as dessert on its own.”

– Eric Emery, Brewmaster


This stout pours an opaque black with a thick tan head that dissipates relatively quickly as you drink. It leaves little lacing and the ring of head disappears entirely long before the pint is done.


Black Blessing features a big malt aroma with great mixed chocolate scents including dark, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate notes. A strong biscuit presence breaks carries a touch of vanilla through the rich chocolates.


The somewhat sweet flavour of this beer follows the aroma closely and is dominated by rich chocolate notes with plenty of biscuit providing a solid backbone. A bit of hop bite keeps the brew from becoming too rich or sweet and a touch of vanilla adds some lovely creaminess.


Smooth and creamy, this stout has a great body with medium carbonation and a subtle aftertaste of chocolate and bitter biscuit.

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