11 Jun

Bevy 0017 Tickets on sale Tomorrow


The party well underway at Rainhard Brewing

If you are a lady who loves good beer and you haven’t done so yet, you should get yourself over to the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies website and sign up for their mailing list. That way you will have advance notice of things like tickets going on sale and new merchandise delivered right to your inbox. If you have never been to a Bevy before, take my word for it: it’s a wholly worthwhile way to spend a Friday night.

With great food provided by a variety of local food trucks and restaurants and fantastic beer from new and old brewers around Ontario, it is a great place to try something new. Even the venues are sometimes new and exciting spots well worth checking out. In fact, just last month at Bevy 0016 we enjoyed some delicious pints from the brand new Rainhard Brewing, right in their junction brewery and event space. The newest addition to the Toronto beer scene, Rainhard is already pumping out a variety of stellar brews and we got to try them before most!

Next month is sure to be another great party in another great albeit secret venue. If the idea of purchasing a ticket for something without knowing where it is gives you pause, do not fret: every venue is located somewhere within the city and is totally TTC accessible even if they are a little off the beaten path. For me, that’s half the fun! Toronto is a huge city with tons of great establishments and it would be hard to see them all without a little help!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, watch Twitter and/or Facebook tomorrow for the release of tickets for this month’s event. They typically go on sale at 11am on the second Friday of each month and they often sell out fast. Hope to see you there!

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