25 Oct

Next Week: Bevy 0010 Pumpkins + Porters!


On the last Friday of every month, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies holds a ladies-only night of beer-tasting, excellent food, and great tunes and this month, in a┬átruly fortuitous turn of events, the last Friday just so happens to be Hallowe’en! Determined to celebrate properly, the ladies jumped on the opportunity to don some fun costumes and Trick or Treat with the best treat of all: beer. Bevy 0010: Pumpkins + Porters promises to be an excellent party with unique brews, tasty treats, and prizes for the best costumes.

Not one to miss out, I quickly chose a costume and convinced my husband to grab a ticket as well, excited by the opportunity to bringing him along to my mysterious and exclusive monthly beer party. I am particularly looking forward to trying the next Bevy Brew as last month’s creation, the┬áVanilla Rooibos Stout from Sawdust City, was particularly excellent. I have a feeling this month’s may involve pumpkins, porters, or both.

Grab your tickets to join us here: Tickets.

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