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Review of Bevy 0007 | SOBDL


What: Bevy 0007
Where: Artscape Youngplace
When:  Friday, July 25, 2014

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies is a great example of the impressive growth of the craft beer industry throughout Ontario, and especially in Toronto. With an almost overwhelming number of bars, brewpubs, and restaurants serving a massive variety of local and imported quality beer it is no surprise to see craft beer become a topic of widespread discussion with magazines like Now dedicating entire sections to beer guides .

But women have long been an overlooked aspect of the movement towards better beer and the Society aims to change that: Not only by bringing women together in a safe place where they can discuss and enjoy new brews without having their opinions dismissed by the likes of those who still believe women only drink sweet cocktails but also by harnessing our love for said beer to encourage charity. Each month, the proceeds from their “Bevies” goes to supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), a registered charity dedicated to “empower[ing] women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence.”

Lucky ladies who manage to get tickets for these monthly meetups get to enjoy great food, new and unreleased beer, and a consistently great party. This month the ladies offered beer from Collective Arts; Side Launch Brewing; Great Lakes; Black Oak; and Royal City Brewing Co. We also had the option to purchase small tasting sizes of each beer before spending drink tickets on full size pints. This was a nice touch this month and allowed me to easily try all of the offerings without spending too much money, consuming too much beer, or ending up with a pint of something I simply didn’t care for.

For more information about the delicious brews, the extremely satisfying food, and the charming venue, read on!

The Venue: Artscape Youngplace 

Location: 180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON

4 out of 5 cats

Occupying a former school building, Artscape Youngplace is a nice space that is both comfortable and inviting despite whatever negative associations you may have with high school. The basement space where the Bevy was held was not only completely private from the rest of the building but also featured large windows down two sides of the large, square room. This was a particularly welcome change from the last few events which were held in lovely venues but suffered greatly from a lack of effective air-conditioning. The room was largely utilitarian with some nice artwork and plenty of space for the over 100 ladies that attended. Another nice bonus this month was the amount of seating – two long rows of stools below each bank of windows – that gave ladies a chance to sit down and eat in comfort or just take a minute to rest their feet. The only, small, complaint I have is the lack of sufficient washrooms as the night goes on but that can hardly be helped with 100+ ladies all drinking beer.

The Beer

Featured Breweries:

Subterranean Session IPA

Brewery: Collective Arts
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 3.8%        IBU: unknown

4 out of 5 cats

As an extremely enthusiastic fan of good session IPAs, I was quite happy to see this as-yet unreleased offering from Collective Arts. Light in alcohol it has a nicely hoppy flavour that is mild enough to be accessible without tasting like water. I will certainly be on the lookout for this one once it launches.

Belgian Hat Trick Tripel

Brewery: Side Launch
Style: Belgian Tripel
ABV: 7.5%        IBU: N/A

4 out of 5 cats

This is the first beer I have tried from Side Launch Brewing and I was pretty impressed. A very nice example of the style, it had lovely Belgian yeast notes and was quite drinkable despite the high octane. Luckily I played it safe and only got a small sample of this one but I almost went back for a full refill.

Berry Manilow

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 4.3%        IBU: N/A

3 and a halfcat

Great Lakes always puts up a strong showing and this berry flavoured saison is no exception. With a faint sweetness and plenty of tart bitterness from the berries, it is well-balanced with the typical farmhouse funk providing a strong backbone for the rich berry flavours.


Brewery: Royal City Brewing
Style: German Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.2%         IBU: N/A

3 out of 5 cats

This German Hefeweizen is more flavourful than many others I have tried in the style. As my first brew from Royal City Brewing, this beer left me expecting good things even if it wasn’t my favourite.

Break of Dawn

Brewery: Black Oak
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%        IBU: 45

4 and a halfcat

The clear winner of the evening, this APA boasts strong resin, pine, and hemp hop notes with a decent bite of bitterness. A far cry from the watery pale ales that dominate the beer industry, this is a superb example of how the style does not have to be bland.

The Food

The Saucy Pierogi 

4 out of 5 cats

Pierogies are one of my favourite foods ever and I could honestly eat them almost everyday without complaint so when I saw that the Saucy Pierogi was providing the food for this Bevy, I was very excited. And my excitement was more than justified: They were offering three flavours of dressed up pierogies, all of which sounded fantastic, but I can’t say no to cheese & bacon so it was an easy choice and I went with the classic.

Each serving was only three pierogies which certainly gave the ladies the option of trying all three flavours if they so desired. Having already had dinner (I can’t wait past 8 for a meal most days) I managed to resist the urge to stuff my face with delicious potatoey goodness all evening but the one serving I had was quite tasty. In fact, the only reason that they did not score higher is that I tend to prefer my pierogies a touch more crispy. Flavour-wise, however, they were just right.

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