02 Jul

Belle Epoque Beer Review

Belle Epoque_Belgian IPA_Flying Monkeys

This 10th Anniversary Ale was interesting but not to my taste

Brewery: Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Style: Belgian IPA
ABV: 10%        IBU: 72

On one of my few trips to the LCBO recently – I have predominantly been visiting my favourite local breweries for the past few months – I noticed a new boxed brew from Flying Monkeys.

Just in time for their 10th anniversary, Flying Monkeys released this new Imperial Belgian IPA. Hopped with Citra and Glacier hops, it is a unique brew well-suited to celebrating a unique brewery.

Track this one down if you’re curious, I doubt it will be around forever!


Before heading on down to read the rest of this review, please note that the Drunk Kitten will be posting on a reduced schedule for the summer. With so many beer events going on, it’s been difficult to maintain two posts a week (despite drinking a large number of new brews – I am just shy of 500 unique brews on Untappd!) Expect a new beer review each Thursday with sporadic updates about the huge number of beer events you should check out over the next several months.


Belle Epoque Belgian IPA

3 out of 5 cats

Moderate hops bitterness accompanies flavours that include banana, yellow plum, ripe pear, biscuit and cloves.


Caramel to amber in colour, this imperial Belgian IPA has a medium to small head that dissipates to a thin cover with large patches of bigger bubbles. Very cloudy in appearance, it leaves behind some light lacing.


Immediate Belgian notes dominate the aroma of this IPA with strong citrus and apple cider notes coming through. A sour tang with hints of apricot creates a bright, hop-forward nose with a touch of spice and honey.


The unusual hop profile of Citra and Glacier hops coupled with a strong Belgian yeast presence is interesting but not really quite to my taste. Quite dry with white pepper and light spice hints, Belle Epoque has flavours of apricot, white grape, and apple tartness. A strong bite of hops and booziness is also present with some floral notes rounding it out.


Quite fizzy with carbonation, this Belgian IPA drinks almost like a sparkling wine. Full to medium bodied with crisp carbonation, it’s a creamy and contemplative beer that deserves to be sipped slowly and enjoyed.

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