19 Feb

Barleywine Americain Beer Review

barleywine americain_les trois mousquetaires_label

A wholly unique barleywine, it is graced with an impressively complete label

Brewery: Les Trois Mousquetaires
Style: Amber Ale Barleywine
ABV: 9%        IBU: 101

 This rich amber barleywine is brewed with an unreasonable amount of American hops.

Hops include: Polaris, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Cascade



4 and a halfcat


This barleywine pours a hazy copper and amber orangey colour with a small, frothy head of beige foam. The head has little retention and does not leave significant lacing behind.


Barleywine Americain has an interesting and very different aroma than your average barleywine. Caught between sour and sweet with a strong orchard fruit presence, it smells of caramel, resin, and some citrusy hops.


This unusual barleywine has a flavour dominated by barley sugar and fruit notes with a significant hop presence. Reasonably boozy, it is nonetheless a highly drinkable example of the style, if you are into bitter and hoppy brews that is. With an IBU of over 100, this is not a barleywine for the faint of … uh… tastebuds.

The sweetness grows a bit as it warms leading me to think aging this bottle would have been a wiser course but I do not mind a bit of sweetness and did not find it off-putting, especially with the significant hops to balance it out.


Full bodied and rich, Barleywine Americain has a heavy, lingering flavour that is sweet and resinous but not cloying. The heavy alcohol presence amplifies the nice balance of sweet to sour, creating a somewhat sticking palate.

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