07 May

Apocalypse Later Double Black IPA Beer Review

Apocalypse Later-Great LakesGreat Lakes Brewery has recently emerged as one of my favourite local breweries thanks, in part, to fantastic creations like this one: Apocalypse Later is a Double Black IPA spawned from the ingenious Tank Ten series. Seeking to give something back to their brewers, GLB set aside one of their fermenting tanks, number ten, to allow the brewers to play with their craft and make anything they wanted. Many of their creations have joined the regular offerings on shelves in the LCBO or on tap at local bars. Some have been promoted to seasonal brews due to their incredible reception. One such example is the delectable My Bitter Wife IPA.

Apocalypse Later was originally released with a label to complement their 666 Devil’s Pale Ale but received a makeover in 2013 that updated the can to the design you see here. In fact, 2013 was a pretty good year for GLB as they released quite the variety of new and redesigned brews throughout Ontario. I have had this beer a few times recently and, while delicious from the can, it is worth trying it on tap if you get the chance. Be sure to let it warm up a bit before you polish it off as this is one beer that really shines at the proper serving temperature.

Apocalypse Later Double Black IPA

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Style: Imperial / Double Black IPA
ABV: 9.99%            IBU: 100

4 out of 5 cats


Dark brown to black in colour, Apocalypse Later has a thick, burnt sugar head with dense lacing that clings to the glass in sheets as you drink.


Rich with an almost cannabis-like dank, herbal, hop nose and caramel notes as it warms, this brew is complex as it is delicious. Cocoa and brown sugar notes sweeten the grapefruity hop bitterness and a hint of roasted coffee breaks through.

First Sip:

This hop forward brew features a big body with slight sweetness and chocolate and dark malts breaking through the strong hops for a slightly warming and well balanced beer. A tart fruit backing, roasted coffee bean, and hidden malt flavour with light orange peel notes round out the complex flavour and smooth the long, hoppy finish and heavy roast flavours.


Full bodied with an average carbonation, Apocalypse Later is smooth and slightly creamy with a faint resin stickiness on the lips from all those hops.


Rich and delicious, this is a great after dinner or desert beer for hop lovers. A fabulous blend of sweet chocolate, roasted coffee, and hops, hops, hops, this is a deceptively strong beer that does not taste like a 10% brew.

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