12 Jan

Anchor Porter Beer Review

Anchor PorterAfter a much needed break following the holidays, I am back to exploring the wide world of North American craft beer. I am also working on some upgrades to the website and a redesign to make it a little cleaner and easier to use. In the coming weeks I will continue to bring you reviews of delicious beers from around the province, country, and world but we will also explore more of the fantastic food this city has to offer.

In the meantime, my posting schedule will be somewhat different. Mondays will bring you a beer or bar review from the previous weekend while Thursdays will sometimes also bring recent news from the craft beer world including new beer releases, brewery openings, and coverage of the ongoing dispute about the private beer monopoly in Ontario.

Anchor Porter

Brewery: Anchor Brewing Co.
Style: Porter
ABV:  5.6%        IBU: 20

4 out of 5 cats


This rich porter pours black with a half-finger of  tan head. The foam leaves a lovely lacing down the glass and has great retention.


Featuring a strong aroma of chocolate and caramel malts, Anchor Porter is another great brew out of this long-standing brewery. With just a hint of molasses, dried fruits, and licorice, it is a rich and complex aroma.


Well balanced between sweet and bitter, this porter features strong dark chocolate and coffee malts with great caramel notes. Dried fruit and licorice add a nice level of complexity to this slightly herbal brew.


Anchor Porter has a nice, smooth mouthfeel with a lasting roasted bitterness. Smooth with just a touch of creaminess, it has lasting bitter bite with a touch of carib and coffee.


Lovely and rich, this porter is a great example of the style with a nice complexity and good malt notes. A big fan of the Anchor Steam classic brew, I was pleased to try another one from this classic brewery and I was not disappointed. If you are a fan of porters, I recommend keeping your eyes open for this one.

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