30 Mar

Harry Porter & The Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean Beer Review

Harry Porter and the Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean_ GLB

This nondescript bottle holds a delicious secret: a porter packed with vanilla & bourbon

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Style: American Porter
ABV: 6.5%        IBU: 30

This 2015 version of the very well-received Tank Ten creation was released as part of this year’s Project X series. I have been meaning to try this particular iteration of Harry Porter for sometime but, somehow, I keep on missing it.

Thankfully I worked my first tour and tasting at Great Lakes Brewery on Saturday and noticed they just happened to have several bottles waiting for me in the retail store fridges.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I also picked up several cans of Apocalypse Later, a bottle of another Project X creation The Last Vestiges of Winter, and a growler of the truly incredible Swamp Juice #9, a mix of IPAs including Karma Citra, Robohop, and Canuck Pale Ale.


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26 Mar

Spring Bock Beer Review

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass

Amsterdam Spring Bock in a Mill Street glass, because reasons

Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing
Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 7.3%        IBU: 30

Another highly anticipated seasonal brew, this dopplebock from Amsterdam Brewing is going to be released in the LCBO for the first time this year. Already a fan favourite, it is sure to be a big success.

I actually tracked this one down at my favourite local drinking spot, 3030, last night and decided I had to give it a try. It may not have been the best pairing for the otherwise delicious Marisco Spaghetti that I had for dinner but it was nonetheless a tasty brew that I am glad I tried.

To try this locally made dopplebock for yourself, look for it at your local LCBO, the Amsterdam retail store, and your favourite craft beer spot.


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23 Mar

Frost Quake Beer Review

frost quake_wellington

This Guelph-made barleywine has bold bourbon flavours

Brewery: Wellington Brewery
Style: American Barleywine
ABV: 9.8%        IBU: 85

Feeling the need for a tasty brew after an evening of pouring beer samples for others, I found I could not resist this tempting label. I quite enjoy a good barleywine and bourbon barrels are nothing to sneeze at either so I had to take a closer look. When I realized it was a Wellington brew, I decided it was a solid choice and promptly took one home for the evening. And I was not disappointed, not one bit. Warm and full of dark fruit flavours, it is a robust brew sure to warm you up on the coldest of nights.

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20 Mar

Sunkicked Anejo Beer Review

Sunkicked Anejo_Indie Alehouse

Aged in tequila barrels; it is a sour, boozy brew

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Wit
ABV: 7%        IBU: <10

While stopping in at the Indie Alehouse last weekend for the much anticipated Twin Pines IIPA, I decided to try this unusual barrel-aged brew. Mike had decided to stop in at the Rod, Gun & Barbers across the road for a quick haircut and I didn’t want to get started on the main event until he joined me.

So I picked out something new to try, something different; and I could not have picked something more different if I tried. Pretty far from my usual choices, this tequila barrel aged imperial wit is sour, boozy, and unlikely to appeal to anyone lacking a taste for tequila.

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16 Mar

Twin Pines Beer Review

Twin Pines DIPA_Sawdust City

Mike insisted on being in the picture with this tasty new brew

Brewery: Sawdust City
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.8%        IBU: 88

A couple of weeks ago I (re)stumbled upon the Sawdust City blog on blogspot and was excited to read all about their Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Tour and, more specifically, the new brews that they were launching following it.

While there were several interesting collaborations to come out of it, I was most intrigued by their announcement of their 88th beer, the long planned Twin Pines IIPA. Knowing it would not be available immediately, I had almost completely forgotten about it when I went into Indie Alehouse last week for a growler fill. Much to my surprise, they were pouring Twin Pines and I quickly made plans to investigate further the following day.

The next day we stopped by for a drink before dinner and greatly enjoyed our 10 oz of golden deliciousness. Not quite what I was expecting, it was nonetheless well worth the special trip.

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12 Mar

Training Wheels Beer Review

training wheels_indie alehouse

Enjoying this strong beer with a candlelit, homemade meal

Brewery: Indie Alehouse
Style: Strong Coffee Ale
ABV: 9%        IBU: N/A

With the warmer weather finally coming to Toronto, I have been taking the opportunity to make good use of our Indie Alehouse Growler Club. Popping in for a fill earlier this week, I was sorely tempted by this new ale but unconvinced that an entire growler of it was really a solid plan. Luckily Indie has gotten their new bottling system working and had some handy 500mL bottles available.

Thanks to Untappd, we have gotten into a habit of saving new beers for Thursdays (gotta get those badges!) so we cracked Training Wheels open tonight with our homemade Pav Bhaji, an Indian dish featuring mashed cauliflower, potato, and carrots with a healthy dose of rich spices.

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09 Mar

Black Blessing Beer Review

Image credit to Liberty Village as my camera was not cooperating

Image credit to Liberty Village as my camera was not cooperating

Brewery: Liberty Village Brewing Co.
Style: Stout
ABV: 7.4%        IBU: 53

Last night we went out to Tallboys for a friend’s birthday and enjoyed their fantastic selection of local craft brews. It has been a long time since we headed over there and I was quite impressed with the great selection as always.

My favourite find of the evening was this delicious little gem: a chocolate stout from a brewery I have otherwise had a hard time tracking down.

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06 Mar

Chimay Premiere Beer Review

A certified Trappist ale, Chimay Premiere is brewed under exacting standards

A certified Trappist ale, Chimay Premiere is brewed under exacting standards

Brewery: Chimay Peres Trappistes
Style: Abbey Dubbel
ABV: 7%         IBU: N/A

Apologies for the delay in posting this delicious beer but last night I had an extremely necessary night out with some of my favourite ladies. Breaking with my usual habits I actually enjoyed a scotch and soda with my endless hot pots of delicious meat (and veggies) but I had cracked this beautiful bottle of joy open earlier in the week and wanted to share my thoughts.

Having only had occasion to try this brew a few times in the past, I was quite excited to receive not just one or two but three bottles of the stuff for my birthday! I will be taking my time enjoying these puppies over the next few weeks but it was tough to resist the temptation to crack one open: I only lasted a few hours before I gave in.

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