25 Oct

Next Week: Bevy 0010 Pumpkins + Porters!


On the last Friday of every month, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies holds a ladies-only night of beer-tasting, excellent food, and great tunes and this month, in a truly fortuitous turn of events, the last Friday just so happens to be Hallowe’en! Determined to celebrate properly, the ladies jumped on the opportunity to don some fun costumes and Trick or Treat with the best treat of all: beer. Bevy 0010: Pumpkins + Porters promises to be an excellent party with unique brews, tasty treats, and prizes for the best costumes.

Not one to miss out, I quickly chose a costume and convinced my husband to grab a ticket as well, excited by the opportunity to bringing him along to my mysterious and exclusive monthly beer party. I am particularly looking forward to trying the next Bevy Brew as last month’s creation, the Vanilla Rooibos Stout from Sawdust City, was particularly excellent. I have a feeling this month’s may involve pumpkins, porters, or both.

Grab your tickets to join us here: Tickets.

11 Oct

Black Oak Brewery Bash

Black Oak_Epiphany No 1


Brewers of such delicious beers as 10 Bitter Years and Nutcracker Porter, Black Oak Brewing Co has played a huge role in the growth and success of the craft beer industry in Toronto. For 15 years they have been brewing up a storm of unique and delicious brews and so its no surprise that they should celebrate their 15th anniversary with the release of a limited run series of Epiphanies. Well-named, this series promises to be a varied and interesting bunch of weird and wonderful recipes. Epiphany No 1 is available in the breweries retail store and will be available for a limited run in the LCBO and craft friendly bars. You can also try it next weekend at the brewery’s anniversary celebration!

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04 Oct

Engineer IPA Beer Review

junction-engineer IPA Located in the industrial area just north of the train tracks in the west end of Toronto, Junction Craft Brewing continues to brew up exciting and unique beers so often that it seems every time I go there is something new to enjoy! The Junction is a good area to live in these days and I am thankful for the ability to pop in to 2 different – very different – local breweries with ease.

The taproom/retail store/brewing room smelled strongly of beer in the making with a combination of fresh baking, barley, and cereal scents wafting on the air as we drove up to the brewery. Mike and I opened the door to be almost assaulted with the wet oats and barley smell, but we didn’t much mind: We were on a mission! There just so happened to be four beers we hadn’t tried before available so we grabbed a custom eight pack (2 of each) in no time and were on our way home to enjoy the delicious fruits of our errands.

Engineer IPA was the second bottle we cracked from our custom eight – following a surprisingly full-flavoured Parkdale Pils that I quite enjoyed – and, while I found the malts were a tad more powerful than I anticipated, I actually quite liked the flavour. It was certainly less hoppy in flavour than I expected and an interesting take on the style but it was refreshing and different.

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