28 Jun

Coming Wednesday: Review of Bevy 0006

Update: Due to the massive awesomeness of my weekend, I am a bit behind but the promised review of Bevy 0006 + the highlights of my weekend will be live Wednesday – have a great Canada Day!

This weekend is going to be packed full of delicious beer and fun times. Starting with Bevy 0006 hosted by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies last night, today I am off to a boardgame day downtown followed by Twelve Angry Men on the Soulpepper stage in the Distillery District, and tomorrow I have a wide variety of potential Pride related events to attend!

It started off great last night with some very delicious and interesting beer cocktails – which I will go into further detail about tomorrow – as well as some nice summer brews.

I hope you are having a great long weekend and enjoying the huge selection of amazing craft beer this city has to offer – Happy Canada Day!

25 Jun

The Princess Wears Girlpants Beer Review

SawdustCity-ThePrincessWearsGirlpantsOne of the newest creations from the ever-brilliant Sawdust City Brewing, the Princess Wears Girlpants is an easy-drinking, dry-hopped Belgian ale featuring the juiciest varieties of New Zealand hops including Motueka, Galaxy, Summit, and Nelson Sauvin. It is made with Belgian yeast for that familiar scent and flavour and uses both 2-Row Malts and Wheat Malts.

This is one brew that I may have to try to hunt down for a second try before I decide how much I really like it. The bottle I tried was the most apple-y beer I have ever had at first sip and I am unconvinced that it was supposed to taste quite that much like a Granny Smith Apple. With that said, the flavour softened the more I drank and I could see it being used for some novel – and potentially kickass – beer cocktails.

Have you tried the Princess Wears Girlpants? What did you think, did it taste just like an apple or should I give it another shot?

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21 Jun

Craft Beer Passport: Second Stop

second stop-3030Having gotten started on my beer tour of the city last week, I was determined to keep going cast or no. Luckily we live very close to 3030 so my (amazing) husband was able to drive me there and then drop the car back at home.

As only my second trip to this bourbon and craft beer bar in the Junction, I was impressed once again not only by the beer selection but also by the delicious small share plates, most of which are only $5. Among my favourites: Blue cheese mac n’cheese & popcorn chicken. (The doubles also look fantastic for the vegetarians/vegans out there!)

To read about the delicious beer I tried on this stop, keep reading!

Have you tried any interesting brews yet on your craft beer passport? Tell me all about them in the comments – I’d love to add some interesting new beers to my wishlist!  

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18 Jun

Blackouts & Power Surges

So I really love living in the west end of Toronto… most of the time. One of the biggest problems with this charming older section of the city is the very thing that makes it so nice: its age. Specifically the age of the infrastructure. More specifically the fact that most power cables are still above ground and – combined with the beautiful old trees that line the streets – are thus not highly reliable in bad weather conditions.

So when Toronto was hit last night with the tail end of “the worst storm of the year” I probably should have expected at least a short power outage. And I definitely should have unplugged my computer when it occurred. Unfortunately I did not think of it immediately and a power surge moments later served as the killing blow for my computer’s power supply.

My husband unplugged it only a few minutes after the power went out but the single power surge had already done its damage: When power returned and I tried to boot my computer it sparked dramatically and smelled of burning wire. While it was a few years old, I had expected it to last somewhat longer but I have certainly learned my lesson about the importance of high quality power bars.

In any case, the computer will need most parts replaced before we can tell the full extent of the damage, mainly whether or not my hard drives have been completely fried. So, keep your fingers crossed for me!

The upshot of all this is essentially that I have been delayed on posting about the second stop on my Craft Beer Passport tour – 3030 – which will go up this Saturday so be sure to come back and read about the delicious brews on tap at this great bourbon and craft beer bar famous for its tapas menu and frequent local, live music performances.

14 Jun

Craft Beer Passport: First Pint

craft beer passport - snakes and lagers

Despite working from home  – and being somewhat of a shut-in because of it – having a broken ankle right as the weather is finally getting nice in Toronto is making me very stir-crazy. And having a so-far unused Craft Beer Passport taunting me from my wallet is not helping matters one bit.

And so, with cane in hand, we headed out last Saturday evening for a cold pint or two and some board games at Toronto’s newest – and most fun – beer patio located behind board game bar Snakes & Lagers. Featuring custom picnic tables and a more limited game selection, the patio offers Torontonians the opportunity to drink some fantastic beer while playing a board game without worrying about losing pieces. 

As only my second trip to the bar I was unsure whether we would be able to get in – our group had suddenly grown to 9 people and I had heard tales of extensive lines waiting for space to open up. Luckily the patio was mostly empty when we arrived and we managed to pull a couple of tables together for a few great games of Jenga while we talked and enjoyed the summer evening. The service was quite good this time without the slow decline we experienced the first time we were there. All of our drinks were brought out pretty quickly and I don’t think my glass stayed empty for more than a few minutes before I had another beverage to enjoy!

For those not familiar with the passport, the concept is pretty straightforward: For $20 you can buy a passport online or at select bars. With the passport in hand, you go to each of the 20 bars listed inside and ask what they are serving for passport holders – this may differ from place to place but Snakes & Lagers was offering anything on the menu. When they bring you your beer, you give them $2 and they will stamp or sign your passport. Simple, cheap, delicious! You have until the end of November to hit up each bar and the fantastic price of $3/beer total makes this a great way to introduce people to the fabulous craft beer scene in Toronto.

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11 Jun

Barking Squirrel Beer Review

Barking SquirrelAs one of the few lagers I really enjoy Barking Squirrel has become a regular choice, especially at this time of year when the temperature rises and my tastes turn to more refreshing brews. Lighter than my usual go-to IPA options, it is nevertheless a fully-flavoured brew that is nothing like the watery lagers produced by the big brewers.

Featuring Pale Two-Row, Crystal, Dark Crystal, Munich, and Torrified Wheat malts, this delicious lager stands way out from the competition. As one might expect from a brewery called Hop City, it also features the delicious Hallertau, Mittelfrueh, and Saaz hops.

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06 Jun

Now Live: IPA Beer Guide

Torontonians looking for a new hoppy brew to try have a new resource to help them choose from the wide selection of Ontario-made IPA: The Drunk Kitten’s Ontario IPA Beer Guide! Featuring the best hoppy picks from around the province, this list will be updated as I discover new favourites and interesting beers.

04 Jun

Couch Surfer IPA Beer Review (+ Hop Infuser)

hop infuser Monday afternoon, the Indie Alehouse shared this image of their “new toy” on Twitter and I was intrigued. Very intrigued in fact. So, despite the broken ankle, we went to investigate and we were definitely glad we did.

As always, the food was excellent and the beer taps pouring a variety of delicious brews. Filled with Citra hops, this neat little contraption is intended to add some extra hop zestiness to whichever beer is poured through it. Sure to be popping up at more good bars, keep an eye out for a hop infuser near you!

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