28 May

The Best Beer Events in Toronto This Summer

As the days get hotter and we see more and more of the sun each day, it is natural that our thoughts turn to patios and cold, delicious beer. To get the most out of this summer, don’t miss out on the wealth of beer events in Toronto. From the Festival of Beer in July to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, there are lots of ways to celebrate your favourite beverage – and enjoy some fantastic food while you are at it. The fun really gets going this weekend with events every few weeks for the rest of the season.

Don’t forget to pick up your Craft Beer Passport this weekend and get started on your city-wide beer sampling tour. Valid from June 1st to November 30th, the Craft Beer Passport costs $20 and will get you a $2 pint of a really amazing brew at 20 different bars and pubs. Passports will also be available for purchase at participating venues on June 1st.

beer event calendar

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24 May

Coming Soon: Must-Try Beer Guides!

That’s right, starting next week the Drunk Kitten will be releasing a series of Must-Try Beer Guides. Each guide will focus on a particular style of beer and feature my favourites from around the world as well as some short tasting notes, serving recommendations, and information on where you can buy it. These guides will be added to as I discover even more delicious examples of each beer type and will serve as a great place for readers to make a wishlist or find a new favourite beer or style. Come back next week to see my first guide which will feature, you guessed it, the most delicious of deliciousness: IPAs and Double IPAs.

See you next week!

21 May

SmashBomb Atomic IPA Beer Review

Smashbomb Atomic IPA

SmashBomb is hopped 9 times during the brewing process with Citra and Centenial hops making it a powerhouse of rich, intriguing hop flavours. Incredibly drinkable for such an incredibly hoppy brew, it is an excellent showcase of the robust flavour Citra hops can accomplish. With a high alpha acid content of 11%, they dominate the aroma and scent of the beer while leaving room for the variety of malts to balance it.

Smashbomb Atomic IPA is available at some LCBOs and Beer Stores as well as in the brewery’s retail shop but I highly recommend looking for it on tap as there is something truly magical about this beer when it is really fresh.

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14 May

Cameron’s Dark 266 Beer Review

Camerons Dark 266 Originally brewed as a one-of draught beer for speciality beer bars, demand for this brew was high so it was re-released in bottles. A deceptively dark beer, Cameron’s Dark 266 is brewed with lager yeast making the results lighter tasting than one would expect.

A nice all-around dark beer, Cameron’s has long been one of our favourite darks, when we can find it. I have been drinking almost exclusively this brew over the last few days as I have been stuck at home with a broken ankle and, while I usually prefer a nice IPA, I have found myself enjoying each drop.

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10 May

Robohop Double IPA Beer Review

GreatLakesBrewery-RobohopThis double IPA from Great Lakes Brewery has been released as a limited run in cans for the first time. Previously available only as the occasional draught-only release, Robohop is part of the Tank Ten series I have explored before. The series includes both popular and one-of brews as well as seasonal beers that have been scaled up to larger batches and aged in fermentation tank #10.

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07 May

Apocalypse Later Double Black IPA Beer Review

Apocalypse Later-Great LakesGreat Lakes Brewery has recently emerged as one of my favourite local breweries thanks, in part, to fantastic creations like this one: Apocalypse Later is a Double Black IPA spawned from the ingenious Tank Ten series. Seeking to give something back to their brewers, GLB set aside one of their fermenting tanks, number ten, to allow the brewers to play with their craft and make anything they wanted. Many of their creations have joined the regular offerings on shelves in the LCBO or on tap at local bars. Some have been promoted to seasonal brews due to their incredible reception. One such example is the delectable My Bitter Wife IPA.

Apocalypse Later was originally released with a label to complement their 666 Devil’s Pale Ale but received a makeover in 2013 that updated the can to the design you see here. In fact, 2013 was a pretty good year for GLB as they released quite the variety of new and redesigned brews throughout Ontario. I have had this beer a few times recently and, while delicious from the can, it is worth trying it on tap if you get the chance. Be sure to let it warm up a bit before you polish it off as this is one beer that really shines at the proper serving temperature.

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03 May

Nut Brown Ale Beer Review

BlackOak-NutBrownAleThis award-winning Nut Brown Ale from Black Oak Brewing Company is often featured in magazines such as Food & Drink. It has won many accolades including a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013, a silver at the Ontario Brewing Awards in 2012 and People’s Choice award in 2011.

Available year round, it is one of my go-to dark beers that is both flavourful and widely available. British inspired, this brown ale was one of the flagship Black Oak beers when the brewery opened in 1999.


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